OTA Report


Man, things are busy around here today. I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am.

Josh Looney has his OTA practice report up over at KC Chiefs.com.

The defensive plays of the day were turned in by Mike Vrabel and Alex MaGree. According to Looney, both read and jumped screen routes and Vrabel would have delivered a viscous hit to McCluster had they been wearing pads.

Looney also reported that Chiefs backup Brodie Croyle threw a nice TD pass to WR Jerhemy Urban but that the QB was injured on the play. Croyle apparently smashed his finger into a helmet on the pass. Croyle left the practice and did not return. It sounds like a minor injury.

Lastly, Looney tells us that QB Matt Cassel got into a heated exchange with the head referee. Cassel thought the ref made a bad call and he let him know about it. The only problem was that today’s head referee was head coach Todd Haley.

"“Yeah, he is an excitable guy which you like that about it and you love the enthusiasm,” Haley said. “At the same time he has to keep control. He was yelling at the officials and the official happened to be me. He said I made a bad call.”"

It may be early but it sure sounds like this was the Chiefs best practice yet. It is good to hear the the players are passionate and that they are out there competing and making plays instead of just going through the motions.