Bowe Speaks, Makes Little Sense


I told you moments ago that it was being reported that Bowe said he was misquoted by ESPN The Magazine. I also told you that Bowe should watch it because, well, ESPN has him on tape.

Now Bowe’s words are out there and to tell you the truth, I’m not sure what he was trying to say. You can see the whole transcript over at KC’s Red Zone Blog, courtesy of Kent Babb.

I will give you some of the highlights:

"Can you address your comments to the magazine?I’m going to say it one time and one time only: I apologize to the organization, the team, those guys who I put in a bind. My words was misunderstood and baseless and were said without malice. Everybody who know Dwayne Bowe know my personality, knows I’m a jokester, knows I like to have fun and stuff like that. Now, I taught me I got to take things serious and think before you talk because words can get you in trouble. I’m all about football now. That’s over. That chapter is closed. I’m doing great in football right now, and that’s all I’m looking forward to."

Bowe has the right idea here but all he needed to do was apologize or say “no comment.” The reporters weren’t going to let him off that easy though.

"What did you mean to say?That chapter is closed. It shouldn’t have even been a topic. My words are my words, and it was misunderstood. That’s all I was going to say about that.But you were misquoted?Definitely it was misquoted.That’s not exactly how it took place?Definitely not, but I’m not going to go back into that. The chapter was open, and now I’ve closed it, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.So how was it taken out of context?The way he took it was totally not the way that I said it. It’s over now."

Bowe goes on to say that stuff like what he said went on didn’t happen on the road.

Um, Dwayne…what are you talking about?

He never says he was joking of he fibbed or anything. He just keeps apologizing and saying he was misquoted.

"If you’re misquoted, why not go after them?It’s just going to open up another can, so I just figured let it die down and squash it here and say I’m embarrassed that it got out, that it was misquoted, misunderstood and just go forward.If you don’t remember the conversation, how do you know you were misquoted?I’m just not going to go back into that. I’m all football now. If you want to talk about football, I’m open to any football questions. Did you guys watch me out there today? You can’t look back to yesterday."

To be honest, I am not even sure Bowe knows what he means when he says he was “misquoted.” I am not trying to knock on Dwayne’s intelligence here but his comments don’t follow any sort of line of logic. If he does understand what he is saying then he doesn’t fully realize the consequences of calling out a magazine for misquoting him.

As soon as ESPN The Magazine gets a hold of this and by now they probably already have, they are likely going to release the tape to defend themselves. Thus, instead of this going away which seems to be in the best interest of everyone involved, it won’t.