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New Jersey Gets Super Bowl 14


You may say this is not Chiefs related but I say nay, friend. This IS Chiefs related because I expect out beloved Chiefs to be active participants in Super Bowl 14 and until the teams are set, this news very well could impact KC. By 2014, the Chiefs will hopefully be preparing to cement their dynasty status. =)

To do that, they will have to play in the first cold weather Super Bowl ever! Unless global warming gives us a freak temperature day, in February 2014, the NFC Champions will face off against the AFC Champions in the frigid New Jersey winter.

There are folks on both sides of the isle on this one. I love the idea of a cold weather Super Bowl. Regular season and playoff games get decided in the elements. Why should the Super Bowl be any different? If the road teams travel to get to the Super Bowl goes through poor weather conditions, then the big game should get the same treatment.

I believe football should always be played outside. If it were up to me, the NFL would abolish domes. Save that crap for the Arena League.

Time to sound off, Addicts! Do you like the idea of a cold weather Super Bowl or should the game be played in warm weather or if possible, in doors?

Bonus: Does anyone else think it is ridiculous that they keep saying “New York” got the Super Bowl? It is just ridiculous that they call the teams the “New York Giants/Jets” when they play in Jersey.