AA Evening Post: Pin The Nickname On The Donkeys


Last night, we had a little fun at the expense of the Raiders. All day long, we were treated to Raider Trolls, who stumbled upon a Chiefs site expecting us to all be sitting around talking about how great their team is.

Tonight, we take aim at the Denver Donkeys. “The Donkey” is a favorite nickname of our other AFC West foe but it has been around for a while and maybe we can come up with something different.

My favorite new Raider nickname from last night was “The Practice Squad.”

What is your favorite old/new Denver nickname?

(As always, be respectful to race, religion, sexuality and all of that. If Bronco trolls show up, ignore them).

I will get us started. In honor of their coach, I think they should change their names to the “McDonkeys”

Also: Check out this picture I found of Tim Tebow when he was a kid.