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Worst Case Scenario


Most of Chiefs Nation seems to be happy with the progress the team made this offseason. While not everyone is thrilled with every move, it can’t be denied that the Chiefs are a faster and more talented team than they were a year ago. The 2010 Chiefs should also be more prepared, thanks to a year of continuity and improvements made to the coaching staff. The Chiefs have a lot to hang their hat on this offseason.

Unfortunately, they don’t hand out Lombardi Trophies for having the best offseason. We’ve been here before, remember?

This time a year ago, Chiefs Nation was riding high. “King” Carl Peterson was but a horrifying memory. Herm “You Play To Win The Game” Edwards was signing his ESPN contract and applying Vaseline to his pearly whites. The Chief had hired the best possible GM candidate available as well as a young up and coming head coach who had helped make the Arizona Cardinals into a Super Bowl team. Lastly, they traded for a little New England Patriot magic in 09’ surprise player of the year, Matt Cassel.

Chiefs Nation rejoiced. We were going to be in the Super Bowl in no time.

All of that hope, all of that optimism, was great for the fans. It really was.

What did it bring us? +2 wins.

The worst case scenario after the jump.

Chiefs Nation learned a lesson last season. We learned that even if you polish up a turd, it is still a turd. We learned that the players are still the guys that win the games and not the guys in the luxury box. Most importantly, we learned that you usually can’t do any renovations without making a big mess first.

Last season was the gut renovation of the Herm Edwards Kansas City Chiefs. Scott Pioli tore out the windows, ripped up the floor and threw out all of the furniture.

The Chiefs were left with a paper thin roster filled with some solid players, talented young guys with very little experience and a total lack of play makers.

“But Patrick, the Chiefs added a nice mix of big play guys and solid, reliable veterans this offseason. This is the year we turn it around, right?”

I sure hope so but maybe not. Look, you are going to get sunshine, daisies, sugar and candy canes from me 99% of the time when it comes to the Chiefs. I see the bright side, always have. It’s in my DNA.

That being said, I must prepare you for the worst. I would be failing you if I didn’t.

Here is the worst case scenario.

The entire line turns out to be a mess. Casey Weigmann looks really, really old in training camp. Out of stubbornness, the Chiefs let him start the first game of the season on Monday night against the Chargers. Cam Thomas, who the Chiefs passed over a number of times in the draft, makes Weigmann look like a 5-year-old girl trying to block a school bus. He is cut the following Monday. The Chiefs go through the rest of the season with Rudy Niswanger snapping the ball over Cassel’s head.

Ryan Lilja’s knee turns out not to be ok. He can’t play with the same explosion and he spends the year getting pushed backwards in to Thomas Jones, who no longer processes the burst to get through holes…which aren’t there anyway.

Brian Waters finally goes down to a long term injury, forcing Asamoah into a starting role far too early. The kid plays ok but a rookie is a rookie and makes mistakes. Albert and O’Callaghan get seriously abused due to the terrible offensive line play.

Chris Chambers starts to show his age and can no longer get adequate separation. Bowe gets continuously double teamed and his drops continue. Dexter McCluster’s small frame does not hold up well in the NFL and he spends time on and off the injury report. The Chiefs razor think WR depth shows and without any other weapons, teams key in on Charles, totally shutting him down. Cassel gets sacked way too much and eventually shreds his knee running for his life.

Brodie Croyle comes in. He lasts until his first 3rd and long and is broken clean in half by Richard Seymour.

The Matt Gutierrez Era, begins. “Guit” as he will affectionately be called by Chiefs fans, looks fantastic except for the fact that he is an interception machine. Every time he gets a drive going he coughs it up, leading Jason Whitlock to declare him the 2nd coming of Jeff George. Whitlock publicly campaigns for “Guit” to be the Chiefs QB of the future. No one will listen because fans will stop reading about the Chiefs all together.

A bright spot for the Chiefs in 2010 will be the pass defense. Flowers will improve, as will Carr. Arenas will be a solid nickel option and Eric Berry will be the first Chiefs draft pick in some time to live up to his hype.

Unfortunately, teams realize this pretty quickly and pretty much abandon throwing on the Chiefs all together. Dorsey turns out to be way out of place as an end, Jackson is a bust and Big Ron Edwards and Shawn Smith combined do not equal even an average NT. DJ gets benched again and the Chiefs roll with the wonder duo of Williams and Mays again at MLB. Teams gash the Chiefs defense for huge gains on the ground week in and week out.  All that is necessary for opponents in the passing game is some play action to mix it up.

The Chiefs struggle to match their win total from last season and Todd Haley gets shit canned the day after the season. Pioli calls Weis and Crennel into his office, flips a coin and Weis becomes the Chiefs next head coach. He decides to blow up the team and get rid of all the “Haley guys” to replace them with “Weis guys.”

Clark Hunt sells the team, which is moved to LA where it wins multiple Super Bowls as the “Los Angles Celebrities. ” Clark then buys the Royals, disbands them and turns Kaufman into a parking lot extension for his new soccer team.

That, my friends, is the bottom. Chances are, the Chiefs will fall somewhere in between the Super Bowl and “The Los Angeles Celebrities.”

Be hopeful but temper expectations.

We now return you to your regularly schedule doses of Chiefs homerism.