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Staff Member Jeremy “Asks Bob”


You may remember in the past we’ve talked with Bob Gretz and we link to his site,, daily in our Morning Fix feature. Bob has been covering the Chiefs for years and his site (alone with AA) should be visited at least once daily when one is looking for Chiefs news.

Well, Bob is doing an “Ask Bob” feature right now and AA staff member Jeremy of  “My Chief Concern” had a very interesting question answered by Mr. Gretz. I think you will find Bob’s answer very interesting.

"Jeremy at arrowheadaddict said: Who is you best guess at center and right tackle and where does Jon Asamoah fit in?Bob says: I think the starters at center and right tackle will be very familiar – Rudy Niswanger and Ryan O’Callaghan. I don’t see anyone that’s going to challenge either one of those players right now. Casey Wiegmann will give Niswanger a run for his money, but I don’t think the starting position will change hands. I don’t see anybody challenging O’Callaghan. Asamoah fits at guard or center, and in the starting lineup no later than 2011."

What do you think, Addicts? Does Gretz have it right? Will Rudy Niswanger get another season as the starting C or will Weigmann overtake him? Will O’Callaghan hold down the RT spot? When and were will Asamoah end up starting?

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