Chiefs Open ESPN’s Power Rankings At #29


I know these things don’t really matter but I just really enjoy Power Rankings. If a bum on the street handed me his own personal NFL Power Rankings written on the back of a piece of used toilet paper, I would probably give him a buck and read them before showering in anti-bacterial gel.

It looks like all the praise heaped upon the Chiefs draft was not enough to move them up in the Offseason Power Rankings. The Chiefs opened the 2010 rankings at #28, ahead of only the lowly Bucs, Lions and Rams.

Hey, what do you expect when you have only won 10 games in 3 years?

No, the Chiefs aren’t going to get any respect until the earn it on the field. They may pick up a little bit of steam if they look good in training camp but until they prove they aren’t still losers, that is how most folks are going to see them.

I think the Chiefs certainly have the players, coaches and schedule to, at the very least, double their win total from last season. 2009 was rife with a lot of change and a lot of foundation laying. Most of that is finished now and the Chiefs are set to move forward as a group. It may not happen as fast as we would like. It took Dick Vermiel the better part of 3 seasons to right the Chiefs ship before crashing it right back into the pier.

Will Haley and Co. do it faster and better?

Here’s hoping.