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Henderson Visit Canceled…Or Was Never On…Or…Whatever


I just don’t know anymore, Addicts. Monday, pretty much every news outlet out there was reporting that John Henderson was going to be visiting the Chiefs today. Later that day, I listened to Henderson SAY he was visiting the Chiefs on Nick Wright’s radio show. This would lead one to believe that Henderson was, in fact, going to visit the Chiefs.

Then yesterday, NFL.com’s Brian La Canfora tweeted that all the reports were wrong and that Henderson was not visiting KC. La Canfora even went on Nick Wright’s show and defended his report. Until today, I figured La Canfora had been misinformed.

Today, however, Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reported that the visit has been canceled. Teicher had originally reported that he confirmed with Henderson’s agent that he would be visiting.

Meanwhile, during a live NFL.com chat, La Canfora claimed that Henderson is not and never has been in the Chiefs plans.

So what the hell is going on? An agent tells Teicher the visit is on. La Canfora says it isn’t and never was. Then Teicher reports that there WAS a visit but that it has been canceled and he doesn’t know why.

I have no idea, Addicts. I am beyond confused. Thoughts?