AA’s Official Nicknames For Charles/Jones


You may remember a few weeks back we had a community vote to decide on a nickname for Jamaal Charles and for the Jones/Charles tandem.This was all for fun of course but you will be hearing the winning nicknames a lot around here as they are an official AA decree. I encourage you to spread these nicknames to all your Chiefs brethren and they might just catch on!

On to the results:

Jamaal Charles will thus forth be known as:

Haley’s Comet

The vote was between Haley’s Comet and The Flash. It was close but Haley’s Comet was the clear victor. I think it is a fantastic nickname. Flash is cool but Haley’s Commet is team specific. Even if Haley were to get fired someday and Jamaal remained, I still think Haley’s Comet is a bad ass nickname for a HB. Besides, if things go as planned, Todd Haley is going to lead us to multiple Super Bowls.

On to the tandem nickname. This one was really close. We had some really good entries.  The top 4 were Crash and Burn, Jolt and Bolt, Shock and Awe and Zoom and Boom. It was REALLY close between Zoom and Boom (my entry) and Shock and Awe. The winner was decided by a mere 16 votes. In the end, a winner had to be chosen so the AA community has narrowly named the Jamaal Charles/Thomas Jones tandem:

Shock and Awe

I would say Jones is Shock and Charles is definitely Awe. The way he kept his balance after almost being tackled from behind in the Denver game last season left me in awe. And I think defenders are always going to be shocked at how hard Thomas Jones hits them when he comes plowing through the line.

Even if your favorite wasn’t selected I hope you can all get on board with these. They are some pretty great nicknames so good job everyone.

Now, if any of our readers our there have some mad photoshop skills and want to put together a little something with these nicknames on it, send them to me at patrick.arrowheadaddict@gmail.com. It would be sweet to throw something with the official nicknames up on the main page.