We Waited A Year For This


At the 2009 NFL Draft Party, I remember watching Scott Pioli coming out for an interview in anticipation of the Draft. Taking questions from Mitch Holthus, there was a slight tension in the air — part of it was excitement to finally see the new GM up close and personal. But another part of the tension was a genuine anger, eminating from people even from my table. It was still fairly soon after Pioli had traded away future Hall of Famer TE Tony Gonzalez for a 2010 2nd rounder.

Pioli assured Holthus that while it would be an effort to find the Right 53, it was also a poker chip that could be used in future trades and aquisitions. But none of that came to pass. Pioli did the right thing, in my opinion, in holding onto this pick with all his strength, refusing to bow to the pick burning a hole in his pocket.

But what good has this “2b” brought for us? A project nickelback who returns kicks? After drafting McCluster? After already beefing up the secondary with Berry?

This was the pick so important, Pioli refused to trade it away for now-Ravens WR Anquan Boldin.  Just as I wrote this post, the Ravens have selected Alabama NT Terrance Cody, after the Chiefs passed up on him twice in the second round.

I’m not nearly at the point to where I proclaim “the Right 53” is a farce. I still have a ton of faith in this team and this regime. But a lot of the skepticism that subsided when the Berry pick hit the airwaves is slowly starting to seep back.

I want Tony Gonzalez back.

What do you think?