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Buzz That The Chiefs Might Take Clausen


Again, you can trust nothing here. The Chiefs may just want to trade back but you have to believe, given Charlie Weis’ history with Clausen, that the Notre Dame QB is a possibility for KC in the 2nd round.

From Pro Football talk:

"As the question of where Jimmy Clausen will end up begins to dominate the second day of the NFL draft, the Kansas City Chiefs are increasingly being linked with the Notre Dame quarterback.Adam Schefter reported on ESPN Radio this morning that the Chiefs actually liked Clausen enough to take him with their first-round pick, fifth overall. It’s just that they liked the player they took, Tennessee safety Eric Berry, a little better.So if Clausen is still available when the Chiefs’ second-round pick, No. 36 overall, comes up, could they really pass on a player they thought was worthy of a Top 5 overall selection? Schefter also said Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, Clausen’s college coach, will lobby G.M. Scott Pioli with Kansas City’s second-round pick."

Is it possible the Chiefs could take Clausen? Yes. Is it likely? No.

The only scenario I could see where the Chiefs would take Clausen is if they had another team willing to take Cassel and his contract, for at least a late 2nd or early 3rd rounder. If they really, really believe Clausen is a franchise QB and they think he is better for the team than Cassel, the must move Cassel and get extra picks. No matter who the QB is in KC, he won’t succeed with poor receiving and defense.

The Chiefs have too many needs at other positions to do this half-assed. They can’t take Clausen and let him sit behind Cassel as an insurance policy. It would be a waste of a pick and it would sabotage Cassel and the 2010 season.

The Chiefs need to use this draft to give Cassel the tools to succeed. If he doesn’t, they can always get a QB next year.