I know, it rhymes..."/>

I know, it rhymes..."/>

I know, it rhymes...","articleSection":"Kansas City Chiefs News","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Patrick Allen","url":"https://arrowheadaddict.com/author/patrickallen/"}}

Steelers Trying To Dump Big Ben, Move Into Top 10


I know, it rhymes.

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Steelers are now actively trying to trade Big Ben for a top 10 pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Here is Schedfter’s tweet:

"Pittsburgh has begun contacting teams to trade Ben Roethlisberger for a top 10 pick. At least one team considering it. Story far from done."

Using the principles of detection, I have narrowed down the teams that could potentially land Roethlisberger. Here is how it breaks down:

The Steelers want a top 10 so we will limit it to those teams, even though they might take a top 15 or something if they got the right deal.

No way in hell:

Lions (2), Bucs (3), Redskins (4), Chiefs (5)

These teams all have QB’s and there is no chance Scott Pioli thinks Big Ben is one of the “Right 53.”

Slim possibility but probably not:

SeaHawks (6) Browns (7)

The Seahawks could make this deal and then try to move Hasselbeck but I doubt it. The Browns might be interested but if you think the Steelers will trade Big Ben to Cleveland you are smoking a whole lot of dope.

The Contenders:

Rams (1), Raiders (8), Bills (9), Jags (10)

The Rams could say the hell with Bradford and draft Big Ben instead.

The Raiders don’t care really how big of a scum bag you are so I could see them going for it. I would prefer this not to happen.

The Bills need a QB and Chan needs to last more than a year in Buffalo. I would say they are the front runner.

The Jags can’t sell out their stadium to save their lives. Big Ben might bring some controversy with him but he will also bring ticket sales.


I think it is between the Bills, Jags and Raiders. The Raiders were going after McNabb so why not Big Ben? Al Davis isn’t afraid of public opinion so it really fits. I don’t like it but Big Ben very well may be coming to the AFC West…soon!

In order:

1. Raiders
2. Bills
3. Jags

What are your picks, Addicts?


The Rams are out according to NFL.com’s Jason La Canfora. Jason tweeted that the Steelers and Rams talked over the weekend but that the Rams are not interested. Looks like the Steelers wanted Bradford.