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Brandon Marshall Traded To Miami


First thing this morning, when I was putting together The Morning Fix™  I noticed that there were suddenly Marsahall to Miami rumors swirling. I meant to get a post up about it but I ran out of time and had to leave for work.

Well, I am glad I didn’t go to the trouble because by the time I got to Manhattan, the deal was done.

ESPN is reporting that, pending a physical, Marshall is headed to Miami. It looks like the Dolphins are giving the Donks a 2nd round pick in the year’s draft as well an additional 2nd rounder next year.

This is good news for Chiefs fans because it means the team won’t have to face Marshall twice a year and if you remember, KC performed much better against the Broncos when Marshal was benched.

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The downside for Chiefs fans is now the Broncos have 3 picks in the first two rounds to reload their team with McDaniels guys. Still, I would rather see Denver trade away a sure thing and roll the dice in the draft. There are just no guarantees that drafted players will pan out so let’s hope Denver whiffs big time on all of their picks.

There is one last thing I want to touch on. Yesterday I brought you news that the Dolphins were shopping WR, Ted Ginn. This was an obvious precursor to the Marshal trade. The Dolphins would have been unwise to unload Ginn without a suitable replacement and now we know they had one in the wings.

The fact that the Dolphins have Marshall before they trade Ginn means their asking price for him will likely be a bit lower. Marshall solidifies their WR issues so they may not feel as bad about dealing a former first round pick in Ginn, for as little as a 4th or 5th rounder.

If I were Scott Pioli, I would be on the phone with the Dolphins today. Ginn is a very talented kick returned and would fill a huge area of need for the Chiefs. If Pioli can get Ginn for a 5th rounder or even a 4th, I think he should pull the trigger. At the worst the Chiefs would be getting a young, dynamic kick returner for next to nothing and at the best, they could get themselves a slot receiver. Ginn had a horrible season last year but you have to believe he is going to want to work hard to get back on track. If Haley can teach him to catch the ball he would be a huge steal for the Chiefs. If he can’t, Ginn could still fill a big need as a kick returner.

What do you think, addicts? Does the Marshall trade increase the chances that the Chiefs can get Ginn on the cheap?

If he can’t catch, fine but I still want him as a KR.