Chiefs Should Not Draft A Tackle…But They Could Trade For One


Most of us around here at AA have been telling you for months that we don’t think the Chief need to draft a LT.

Still, I know there are a lot of you out there who do think the Chiefs should take a LT and move Albert to guard. It would be unfair for us to continue to ignore your cries in order to push our own agenda and thus, I am going to throw you a bone.

I still don’t think the Chiefs should draft a LT and I don’t think they will. I think they believe Branden Albert can be their LT for years to come, however, if I am wrong, and the Chiefs do want a new LT, I have a plan for how they can do it…after the jump.

Trade for Jared Gaither.

Gaither is the starting left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens got Gaither for a 5th round pick in the 2007 Supplemental Draft and he has been their starter for the last 2 years. He is a RFA and he was tendered at a first round level, however, rumors have been swirling ever since free agency began, that Gaithers could be had from the Ravens in a trade for as low as a late 2nd round pick. Apparently Gaither has some motivation issues and did not plan to show up to the offseason program. A few days ago, Pro Football Talk reported that the Gaither trade rumors may have just been used as a motivational tool to get the tackle to show up to the workouts.

On March 29th, however,’s Jason La Canfora reported the following:

"Multiple sources have said Ravens LT Jared Gaither is drawing interest and a second-round pick could get the trade conversation started. Gaither, a restricted free agent, was tendered with a first-round pick by the Ravens. Watch the Redskins, La Canfora says, especially if they pass on an offensive tackle with the No. 4 overall pick."

Gaithers is a very good LT and is the tallest player in the NFL at 6’9. If the Chiefs really believe they need a new LT, I think they should trade their Tony Gonzalez trade, 2nd round pick for Gaither. Instead of drafting an unknown, they would be getting a sure thing at LT and could move Albert to RT. Ryan O’Callahan could then provide excellent depth at RT or maybe even be groomed to take over another position on the line, perhaps as an eventual replacement to Brian Waters.

I would feel much better about a move like this, that gets the Chiefs a sure thing, than drafting an unknown quantity. I still don’t love the idea, however, as using any of their first 3 picks on a LT would mean the Chiefs would have to ignore one of my top 3 positions of need, which are S, NT and WR..but I probably wouldn’t kill myself if they did this.

What do you think, Addicts? Would you be upset if the Chiefs used their late 2nd rounder to trade for Gaither?

Ok, fine, here is a little more Bone! This may be the greatest song/video of all time. I am just saying. In fact, I am seriously considering making it the Official Song of Arrowhead Addict.