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Chiefs OTA Schedule Released


The Chiefs have released their OTA (Organized Team Activities) schedule. Some of you may not be clear on just exactly what OTA’s are and I was going to try to explain it but I found a site that does a pretty food job of it. Check out Taking It To The House.

In short, OTA’s are practices in shorts, t-shirts and helmets. The team gets together and starts laying the ground work so that when they get to training camp they can hit the ground running. Most of the sessions are voluntary though there is usually one mandatory mini-camp. There is also usually a rookie mini-camp after the draft and before the start of regular OTA’s.

The practices are not open to the public but they usually allow some media to be present for portions. We will of course, bring you every scrap of info we can get our hands on.

More on this and the dates after the jump.

The Chiefs OTA dates are as follows:

May 17-19, May 24-25, May 27, June 1-3, June 7-9, June 14-15

The mandatory camp will likely be in one of the two dates in June. There will also likely be a rookie minicamp in the first or second week of May.

All players will be expected to be be present, even though the practices are voluntary. Last season I believe everyone except veterans Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel were present. Veterans will sometimes workout on their own and while coaches don’t like it, it is nothing to be alarmed about.