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Matt Cassel Has Bulked Up This Offseason


During Chiefs QB Matt Cassel’s press conference today I notice that he looked a little different. Though he was behind the podium, I though Cassel looked a little bigger than last year. It appears I was not the only one who noticed this. Josh Looney of KCChiefs.com saw it as well and he was in the room. Looney via Twitter:

"Matt Cassel looks “beefed up” compared to last season"

Since Josh was there I asked him if Cassel actually looked like he had added muscle or just some offseason fat. His response:

"@Arowhead_Addict haha…not off-season fat…definitely looks bigger, in a good way"

It is good to see that Cassel has kept in shape and strengthened hos frame this offseasson. After the beating he took last year, his body can use all the support it can get. I wonder if Haley wanted Cassel to put on a specific amount of muscle in the offseason. What do you think, Addicts?