Arrowhead Addict hated on Bulaga before it was cool.


Magnificent bastard Joel Thorman writes on Arrowhead Pride that commentator Charlie Casserly is reporting that the “consensus” of NFL owners is that Bryan Bulaga, Iowa offensive tackle and cause of hernia in Chiefs bloggers everywhere, is a right tackle:

"“When I was surveying teams in January about him,” Casserly said, “I got grades that were in the top ten all the way down to the second round. That was the biggest variance of any offensive tackle I asked people about.”"

"Casserly goes on to say that the “consensus” from folks he’s talked to indicate Bulaga is more of a right tackle than a left tackle and, as Casserly points out, taking a right tackle in the top ten generally doesn’t happen."

Now, I’ve been saying this exact same thing as far back as March 21st, in my usual subtle way:

"Well you know what else is so there, you uncreative, needs-obsessed echo chamber? Bulaga’s short, Robert Gallery arms. His iffy lateral movement. His incompetence in space. And the fact that he has zero upside — he is as good right now as he’ll  be his entire career in the NFL.I obviously don’t know Bulaga personally, and he apparently is a stand-up character who his teammates love. Don’t confuse my hatred of this potential selection as a slander on Bryan Bulaga, The Man. But the guy is a right tackle at the next level.I’ll caps lock and bold that, so even Peter King can hear me: BRYAN BULAGA IS A RIGHT TACKLE IN THE NFL, NOT A LEFT TACKLE."

But with that said, I’m preparing a bucket of dirt for Draft night as we speak…

Don’t let them do it, Paddy!