Morning Addicts!

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Addict Roundup


Morning Addicts!

Just wanted to do a quick review of the week ahead. Things have slowed down a bit as of late but don’t worry, with the NFL’s March meeting in full effect down in Orlando (started Sunday) we are bound to be getting some interesting news. On the docket are the proposed change to the playoff overtime rules, the whole labor fiasco, compensatory picks for this year’s draft and the announcement of some early prime time games. Bob Gretz explains everything pretty thoroughly over at

I wanted to again draw your attention to our forums. They are finally starting to get rolling and trust me, taking advantage of these areas will definitely help pass the time on slower offseason days. We have recently had two fantastic Addict Posts by reader Ehud. Ehud is taking advantage of the Addict Posts to blog about his thoughts on the 2nd half of the Chiefs draft. His first post on the offensive players was promoted to the main page (always a possibility when you contribute to the Addict Posts). To see his 2nd post detailing some potential defensive players head over to the forums or click here. Also in the Addict Posts is a submission by reader Marshall Cheek. Marshall put together a Chiefs Draft Board of guys he thinks best fit the Chiefs system. I highly recommended checking it out, as Marshall obviously put a lot of work into it and he gives some interesting insight into players you may not yet know a lot about.

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If you weren’t around the site much this weekend then you missed some fine work from AA’s co-lead blogger Andrew “The Crock Pot” Crocker. I kid. Seriously though, check out Andrew’s latest entries here and here.

As for the rest of this week, I am not really sure how things will unfold around the NFL. I remember things being pretty quiet on the free agency front this time last year. The meetings in Orlando are 4 days long so they will wrap up on Wednesday. After that it will be time for a full court press on the draft, which is April 22nd.

We’re going to keep cranking out content for you so keep it here. I hope to see everyone active in the comments and in the Addict Posts. Even if you aren’t creating original content over there, I encourage you to comment on the work of those that are. It will encourage more reader submissions and a high quality of work for your enjoyment. Also, if you see any interesting Chiefs related news be sure to give us a heads up and post it (with links and stuff) in the Addict Alerts! forum. The more popular posting Addict Alerts! becomes, the greater chance of we’ll get Chiefs news almost instantaneously.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to another great week talking Chiefs with you all here at Arrowhead Addict.