Trading Tony Gonzalez…A Look Back


2008 was quite a year for Tony Gonzalez. He was named to the AFC Pro Bowl squad for the tenth consecutive season. At 32, his strict vegetarian lifestyle had preserved him well. He was the longest tenured player on the 2008 roster. He held Chiefs records for career catches (820),  and touchdown grabs (66). In week five of the 2008 season, he bacame the NFL’s all time leader in recieving yardage by a tight end. At retirement, he was the only KC player to catch 100 passes in a single season. At the preseason Bears game in Chicago, I watched as Tony ran out to help an Airforce parachutist untangle himself after landing on the field. The only player from either team who bothered.

So whats was there not to like about Tony G?

Something apparently, we sent him packing.

Now Addicts, in 2008 I attended every single home game. And through my Tasco’s I could see that most of the games Tony had a look on his face that reminded one of sucking on a lemon slice.  So when Tony started hinting to the press that it might be of mutual benefit to trade him it came as no surprise to yours truly.

Selfishly, I didn’t want it to happen.

But it did.

So what did we get out of the trade? A second round pick .

What did Tony get? A better chance (in his mind) to get a Superbowl ring I guess.

As we start the 2010 season, the results of the trade from KC’s standpoint are now measureable in my opinion. A positive move for us though I couldnt see it at the time.

For Tony? Well I don’t think he will get that Superbowl ring with Atlanta.

What do you think Addicts? How is and how will the trade develop for KC? And what about Tony? Will he retire a Chief like Casey W? Will he want too? What jersey will he wear in the Hall of Fame?