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Jets Cause A Stir With Ad In KC Star


When I heard the Jets were interested in resigning Thomas Jones after they cut him to avoid paying him a bonus that he earned, I laughed my head off. If Jones had any self respect, I said to myself, there is no way in hell he will resign with NY.

You know the rest. The Chiefs benefited from NY’s stupidity and signed Jones to a very reasonable contract, adding a power back to compliment Jamaal Charles.

Then NY went and paid Tomlinson, a worse back at this point, to come and play running back for them. What were they thinking? Why not just keep Jones, who is still productive? Why not pay him? I don’t know what is going on in NY but I hope they keep cutting good players and signing bad ones, allowing the Chiefs to sign their good players for lesser contracts. While they are at it, I’d be fine with it if they want to cut Revis as well. Morons.

The Jets must have realized they looked like cheap bastards so they took a full page article out in the KC Start to try to make nice with Jones. Doubt Jones is buying what NY is shoveling. No one else is. Pro Football Talk weighs in after the jump.

"“Anytime [G.M. Mike] Tannenbaum feels the heat,” the source opined, “he reacts like this. . . .  Do you think Jones cares about this [ad]?  How do you think he feels about the fact that the paid Tomlinson more money than Jones got in Kansas City?”By all appearances, then, the ad is an exercise in damage control.  The Jets are being criticized for letting Jones go, and we think they needed a gesture aimed at persuading Jones to not take advantage of any lingering influence he might have with his former teammates.After all, the guy was only there for three years.  And when the time came to honor the fourth and final year of his contract, they didn’t bat an eye about cutting him.So spare us the P.R. ploys.  The Jets made a bad decision by getting rid of Jones, they’ve arguably compounded it by signing Tomlinson, and the respective performances of the two players and their teams suddenly has become an interesting story line for the 2010 NFL season."