Scott Pioli on 610 Sports**Live Updates**


I am at work and it is busy so this is going to be tough but I am going to try to listen to and report on Scott Pioli’s interview in real time. That means you need to refresh this post often once the interview starts at 9:15 (CST). The newest updates will be at the bottom. Stay tuned.

* Jones is in KC visiting the Chiefs today according to Pioli. Pioli says it is TJ’s first visit.

*Has no idea if the team will reach last year’s salary floor. The team doesn’t set any specific numbers. Says there is sometimes too much focus on things like that. Spending money doesn’t always equate into improving your football team. The Chiefs will be active in free agency.

*Pioli says he would not have taken the job if he thought there were going to be any financial restrictions on player aquisitions.

* The Chiefs decided to go younger and going younger generally brings with it a lower player.

*Scott says big names don’t always equal good players. Mentions Orlando Pace going to Chicago last year and being a bust.

*Scott asks Nick to give him the names of players who were successful big name free agent picups from last year. Nick comes up with one name but I missed it.

*Scott mentions Chris Chambers as a player who made an impact but wasn’t aquired through free agency. His point is that there are plenty of ways to improve the team, FA being just one of them.

*Nick mentions his new priotities. tries to get Scott to go position by position on a 1-10 scale. Pioli dodges it.

*Pioli will not go position by position. Chiefs have a lot of needs and need a lot of players to improve.

Interview is over. No real useful information other than the fact that Thomas Jones is in KC today. We were told his visit was yesterday but then we never heard anything. Now we KNOW that he is in KC today. Keep it here to AA and if he is signed, we will have it for you.