Chiefs Botch Boldin Pursuit


Well, the Chiefs just royally screwed up and handed the Baltimore Ravens a waaaaaaaayy Christmas present. Anquan Boldin is one of the 10 best players at his position, maybe better, and he’s only 30, and all the Cardinals wanted was a third and a fourth? That’s like getting a full-expenses-paid trip to the Bahamas for $99 — you don’t turn that down. I would have even offered our lesser second and a fifth. It’s a fact that Boldin is going to be better over the next two years than any player we draft, barring injuries. After that, who cares — Pioli and Co. could be gone.

I have defended them for over a year, stating over and over that they would evaluate last year and spend this year. Seems that the Chiefs are just the Cheaps after all. Even the effing Lions are making moves! Oh well. We, the fans, will still be here when Pioli and Haley are regretting not trading for the toughest pass-catching playmaker in the NFL. Matt “$65 Million” Cassel is really going to thrive throwing to Dwayne “Butterfingers” Bowe and the rest of that crew.

If you are pissed, I don’t blame you one bit. I am, too. The Chiefs have about one week to make it up to us. Just gets old watching the likes of the Bears, Dolphins, Jets and Ravens — teams that truly want to win no matter the financial cost — bring in studs. It’s like your mom cooking a filet mignon for your brother, and then handing you a Kraft macaroni box every year. They better get Antonio Bryant on a plane. Hell, Clark, I’ll buy his ticket if you are that worried about money. It hurts. It hurts. I haven’t been this upset with the Chiefs since we got rid of Bernard Pollard.