Chiefs Better Have A Trick Up Their Sleeve On Chambers


The start of free agency has come and gone and the Chiefs camp is totally quiet. Chiefs fans may not have been expecting a parade of big name free agents to be walking through the doors of Arrowhead Stadium today but one free agent I think most Chiefs fans expected to be locked up by now, remains unsigned.

I’m talking about Chris Chambers.

For all the talk from the Chiefs brass about how much better the Chiefs need to be at the receiver position, KC has not yet shown its fans it is willing to fix the problem. Chris Chambers, signed off waivers from the Chargers last season, quickly became a fan favorite in KC. He also quickly became their best receiver.

In a season marred by dropped passes, a stagnant offense and a 4 game suspension for the always inconsistent Dwayne Bowe, Chambers was a breath of fresh air for Chiefs fans who were begging their receivers to do what they are paid to do. Catch the ball.

There wasn’t much doubt that the Chiefs would try to resign Chambers before he became a free agent. The team admitted to as much at the NFL Combine last week. This news put Chiefs fans at ease momentarily but free agency began last night with the Chiefs only announcing the contract extension of OLB Mike Vrabel.

The Chiefs  may still be trying to resign Chambers, in fact, I am sure of it. Unfortunately, I am also sure that other teams are trying to sign Chambers as well and if one of those teams are willing to outbid the Chiefs, Chambers may walk.

If that happens, Pioli and Co. better have a suitable replacement at the ready or they may be facing a major backlash from angry and disenchanted Chiefs fans that may think he team would rather save some money than improve.

Stay tuned, Addicts.