AA Mock Draft: Last Before Free Agency Edition


Remember my last mock when I suggested the Rams would take Clausen, a QB at #1? Remember when you all said I should have my head examined? Who’s laughing now, eh? I might have had the QB wrong but I wasn’t insane to suggest that the Rams might pass on Suh and take a signal caller.

I also suggested that the Bills might trade up with the Chiefs to aquire Sam Bradford. I was called daft for that as well. Not so crazy these days, is it?

OK, gloating aside, there were also plenty of things I was off base about. But hey, that is the fun of doing these things, no? I hope you enjoy reading these mocks as much as we enjoy coming up with them.

Each mock inevitably brings in new readers that are fans of other teams. To those folks I say welcome to Arrowhead Addict. We are happy to have you. Please, however, keep in mind that this is a Chiefs site, so if we get your teams pick wrong, chilax. Remember, this is all make-believe. I suggest, if you are going to comment, tell us what you think your team should do and add to the discussion, instead of wasting a perfectly thoughts in favor calling me a moron and declaring this the worst mock draft since Mel Kiper’s hair started looking ridiculous. Cheers!

PickTeamPlayer SelectedPlayer’s PositionPlayer’s SchoolAnalysis
1.Sam Bradford
QuarterbackOklahomaDifferent QB, same result. If the Rams were watching the playoffs last year and I know they were because they sure weren’t in them, they saw the caliber of QB it takes to succeed in the NFL. Manning, Brees, Favre, Rivers, Brady. There were some injury concerns about Bradford but those appear to be waning. He absolutely dazzled folks at the Combine with his size and character. Granted, he didn’t throw but unless his arm falls off at the shoulder at his pro day, this kid has a very big chance of going #1.
2. Ndamukong Suh
Defensive TackleNebraska

Lion’s defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham must be bursting with glee at the prospect of Bradford going #1. Last I heard, he anointed two armed guards to follow Bradford everywhere he goes and Cunningham himself, is giving Bradford daily shoulder massages and is waiting on the QB hand and foot to help him relax for his pro day. That scream of glee you hear when the Rams draft Bradford, that will be Cunningham.


Gerald McCoy

Defensive TackleOklahomaThis choice will be pretty automatic for Tampa. They would probably rather trade back (who wouldn’t) but it isn’t going to happen. Their only hope is that some QB desperate team freaks and goes all in to get Clausen out of fear that the Redskins will take him. I just don’t think it will happen. #3 is really high to trade up. The earliest trade I think we will see is at #5 with KC but you never know.4.

Jimmy Clausen

QuarterbackNotre DameI am baffled when I see mock drafts that have the redskins picking a LT like Okung here to protect Jason Campbell. That is like trying to convince Jamarcus Russel to show up to camp thinner than Tom Cable. It ain’t gonna happen.  Old rat face made his bacon in Denver by somehow creating a running game out of thin air with any HB who happen to be standing on his sideline. He took an entire offensive line cast off by the Browns and made them decent. No, I have changed my mind on this. Shanahan is not going to roll with Jason Campell. I wouldn’t put it past Shanni to pull a fast one and snatch up Chad Pennington for a year to have him run a bootleg extravaganza but I think if Clausen is there he is going to take him and get to work on terrorizing the NFC.

5.Eric Berry
SafetyTennesseeChiefs fans will be thrilled and so will Romeo Crennel when Berry falls to KC at #5. GM Scott Pioli drafted a building block last year with Tyson Jackson and that made sense but he has now had an entire year to see just how devoid of playmakers the Chiefs roster really is. He’d be a fool to let Berry slip by after watching Mike Brown degrade the safety position for 16 games last season. Berry will change the entire Chiefs defense. A trade back would be nice but Berry is special.
6.Russell Okung
Offensive TackleOklahoma StatePete Carrol will roll with Hastleback another year, hoping that finally getting him some protection will keep him healthy. He is pleasantly surprised to find Okung at #6.
7.Rolando McClainILBAlabamaA lot of people think the Browns are going to go with CB Joe Haden here but his Combine performance left a lot to be desired. I think Holmgren wanted a QB here but didn’t expect both Bradorf and Clausen to go in the top 4.  He knows the Browns need defense so I think he goes with McClain.
8.Dez Bryant
Wide ReceiverOklahoma StateAs delusional as Al Davis is, he had to see how big of a mistake it was to take DHB last year. He’ll take the top receiver available this time and snage Dez Bryant. Poor Dez.
9.Anthony Davis
Offensive TackleRutgersI really think Chan Gailey is going to go after Tyler Thigpen. Thigpen succeeded in his offense in Kansas City and can likely be had from the Dolphins for a mid to late round draft pick. Chan still likely has nightmares about KC’s offensive line, however, and he’ll get Thiggy some protection here.

Joe Haden
CBFloridaHaden’s Combine performance will drop him a little bit but not out of the top 10. Denver’s D needs some help and their DB’s are getting old. Haden is a logical choice here. I hate the Broncos but I think they get a steal.11.Jason Pierre-PaulDefensive EndSouth FloridaPierre-Paul is shooting up draft boards and the Jags need a pass rush. This kid has tons of upside.12.Dan Williams
Defensive TackleTennesseeWilliams impressed a lot of people at the Combine and the word is he is going to go way higher than expected. I’d say #12 sounds about right. Williams is a fantastic pickup and will help the Dolphins stop the Jet’s power running game.13.C.J. Spiller
Running BackClemsonProbably not the best pick for the 49ers but they can’t keep running Frank Gore into the ground. Spiller will upgrade their return game and will help keep Gore fresh.14.

(Den)Derrick MorganDefensive EndGeorgia TechYou can never have too many good pass rushers and I think the Seahwaks will be thrilled to find Morgan still on the board when their number is called.15.Sergio Kindle
TexasOLBKindle will help get the Giant’s D back on track. No way to they let him by.16.

(CAR)Trent Williams
Offensive TackleOalklahomaThe Niners need a rigth tackle and Williams can probably step in and start from day one. C.J. Spiller, Frank Gore and Williams blocking? The 49ers are going to run over teams in 2010.17.Carlos Dunlap
Defensive EndUSCThe Titans really missed their pass rush last season and it cost them dearly. Look for them to fix the leak with Dunlap.18.Mike Lupati
GuardIdahoIt is no secret that the Steelers running game suffered due to their lack of talent up front. Lupati is far and away the best interior lineman in the draft. The Steelers always draft smart. That won’t change here.19.Kyle Wilson
CBBoise StateThe Falcons get some much needed help for their defense by snagging Wilson who had a very good Senior Bowl.20.
Brian Price
Defensive TackleUCLAWith Dan Williams gone, Price gives the Texans more help along the defensive line. If they get a little more help in the secondary later in the draft, they may finally be able to defeat the Colts.21.
Jermaine GreshamTight EndOklahomaThe Bengals defense is fine. Now they need some more offensive firepower and I think Gresham will help them to get it.22.Brandon Graham
Outside LinebackerMichiganThe Patriots will still be able to score points next year but they need someone to help them stop the other guys from keeping up. Graham will work just fine in the Pats system.23.Bryan Bulga
Offensive TackleIowaGood Lord do the Packers need help on the offensive line. Bulga has an incredibly high ceiling and the Packers will take a chance on him.24. Earl Thomas
SafetyTexasAndy Reid’s heart may well explode when Thomas slides to him at #24. The Eagles will be up to the podium before the Packers are off the stage.25.Brandon Spikes
ILBFloridaRay Lewis is 34 ya’ll. He can’t play forever. The Ravens have to start thinking about the futre.26.Sean Weatherspoon
OLBMissouriWith Dansby likely on his way out the Cardinals will need to replace him.27.Bruce Campbell
Offensive TackleMarylandThe Cowboys get some much needed help along the offensive line by picking up workout warrior and demon killer, Bruce Campell.28.Jonathan Dwyer
Running BackGeorgia TechTerrence Cody seems like the logical choice here but if the Chargers are getting rid of both Tomlinson AND Sproles, they need a running back.29.Taylor Mays
SafetyUSCDo you have any idea what kind of crazy blitz schemes Rex Ryan will be able to come up with for a player as fast as Mays? Seriously, who cares about his coverage skills when the opposing QB has only half a second to throw the ball? I don’t think Ryan will be able to resist Mays.30.Trevard Lindley
CornerbackKentuckyI still think Lindley would look great in the Vikings secondary.31.Maurkice PounceyGuard/CenterFloridaThe Colts need a running back as well but they also need someone to open up holes for said running back.32.Everson GriffinDefensive EndUSCThe Saints get an absolute steal here. Teams are going to have to get in to shoot-outs to beat the Champs and it will be much harder for them if Griffin is in the backfield causing havoc.

Maurkice Pouncey