In Defense Of Jon Yoon


Recently, I have made arguments that the idea floating around the internet at places like ESPN and even here at AA (Crocker) that the Chiefs should/could/might consider drafting Jimmy Clausen at #5 is absurd. My argument is based on the recent acquisition of Matt Cassel. I feel Pioli is committed to Cassel and that there is no way he will draft a QB at #5 on a team with so many holes.

That said, the idea of Clausen as a QB for the Chiefs, that idea itself is not that crazy. If Cassel were to be a failure it sure would be nice to have a guy like Clausen waiting in the wings. Having a franchise QB is the most important thing in the world for a football team in the NFL. I just think the timing is terrible and I worry about what a QB controversy might do to this young Chiefs team. I would be utterly shocked if the Pioli took Clausen. This is why I think the idea is absurd. I just think that there is no way Piloi does it.

There are others, however, like our own Andrew Crocker and Jon Yoon, a writer over at the very excellent Arrowhead Pride, who don’t think it is so crazy.

Jon was nice enough to come over here to AA and discuss some of his thoughts on the subject with us the other day. This morning, he posted an article over at AP further clarifying his views as to why he doesn’t think it is such a crazy idea. These varying views are what make the Chiefs Blogosphere great.

Today, on his podcast, Nick Wright of 610 Sports took what I feel to be a couple of unnecessary cheap shots at Jon and his article. While praising AP and the work they do over there, Wright suggested that the web site should no longer let Jon write for them. Said Wright:

"“I don’t know who Jon Yoon is but I don’t want to be too harsh on this young man. Maybe he’s an old man, I don’t know who he is. But maybe they need to not let him write anymore.”"

Wright mentions that Jon wrote an article saying it would be ok of the Chiefs drafted Clausen and that it is possible. He then mentions that Jon provided reasons but refuses to mention any of those reasons.

Look, if you have ever read any of Jon’s work, you know that he is an excellent writer. He does his homework, he is clear and eloquent and he backs up his opinions with support. While I disagree with Jon on this particular issue, he presents a very solid argument and a very clean article. His points are completely valid and for Wright to skate over that is unfair. It is also unfair for him to suggest that AP should revoke his job.

If he disagrees with Yoon, then fine. He is entitled to. Though I feel in this case, he is taking a cheap shot.

Wright is wrong.