Tebow is Changing His Game


ESPN is reporting that Tim Tebow is making some changes to his game:

"In an effort to quiet his critics and refine his game, former GatorsTim Tebow is changing the way he holds a football, shifting it from his waist to his shoulder. quarterbackHe is concentrating on taking three- and five-step drops instead of working out of the shotgun formation he did at Florida.He will not unveil Tebow 2.0 at this week’s scouting combine in Indianapolis, preferring instead to wait for his pro day at the University of Florida on March 17."

Tebow has suffered much criticism about his technique. Many pundits feel that while Tebow was one of the most successful QB’s in college history, his skills will not translate at the pro level.

If anyone can change his approach and succeed, it is likely Tebow. He seems to be a very driven and hard working individual. I don’t think you can achieve the kind of success and positive reputation Tebow has without a certain degree of determination.

To this point, the report on Tebow is that he is an extremely high character guy who is an inspiring leader to his teammates. These intangibles are highly valued in the NFL but they are worthless without the skill set to back them up.

You have to believe that there are teams out there looking for an excuse to draft a guy like Tebow. If he shows the ability to quickly improve his mechanics, there is a chance he could convince enough scouts that he can transition into a pro style QB. If he does, his draft stock could raise significantly.

How does this effect the Chiefs? Well, we know that KC already believes it has it’s QB of the future in Matt Cassel, thus their is little to no chance the team will draft Tebow in any round. However, if Tim can manage to work his way into the first round on some draft boards around the league, it could cause a major shakeup. Currently, it appears that Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame and Sam Bradford of Oklahoma are the only QB’s worthy of a 1st round selection. This could cause a scramble for QB hungry teams to trade up to acquire one of these guys, which may provide the Chiefs am opportunity to trade out of the number 5 spot, thus acquiring more picks.

No matter how much he improves his mechanics, Tebow is unlikely to work his way into the front end of the 1st round. Late 1st or early 2nd is probably his best case scenario.

What do you think, Addicts? Does Tebow upping his draft stock help or hurt the Chiefs trade back opportunities?