Reminder: AA’s Draft Chat Goes Live Tonight at 7 PM (CST)


Hey. How you doin? You free tonight? …yeah? Cool. That’s great…So listen, I was wondering, um, would you maybe um..nah, never mind, you wouldn’t be interested…yeah? Really? Well…ok. I was wondering if you wanted to maybe…come to my Blog’s Draft Chat tonight…you know, as friends. I thought maybe we could just sort of hang for an hour and talk about the Chiefs draft prospects…with a guy named Merlin?

So, what do you think? Meet you at AA, say around 7 central?

I will not be there, as it is Miss AA’s birthday and we are going to see “A View from the Bridge” on Braodway, starring Scarlett Johansson. Yum. (Whose birthday is it, anyway?)