Stallworth To Work Out With Mystery Team Wednesday*UPDATE*


Free agency doesn’t start until March 5th. Probably the only think that might happen before then is that someone will sign Dante Stallworth.

Stallworth’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus  told the Boston Globe that Dante would work out for an unnamed team on Wednesday. He went on to say that the receiver received multiple calls from teams and that he expected Stallworth to be signed in the next couple of weeks at the latest.

Rosenhaus is probably full of it to some degree here. I don’t doubt that some teams have called to inquire about Stallworth but to act as if teams are clamoring all over themselves to sign a PR nightmare who has been out of football for a year and is in his 30’s is a little hard to believe.

We’re covering this mainly because of Stallworth’s Pioli connection. That and the fact that the Chiefs need receivers worse than Peyton Manning needs that interception back. OK, maybe not that bad.

We’ll keep an eye on things. The vultures are likely to be out at the airports tomorrow looking to see where Stallworth lands.


Pro Football Talk is reporting that the “mystery team” is the Lions. Thanks to staff member Jeremy for the tip in the comments.