Paddy’s Pot of Gold: The Chiefs Should Be Cautious With Chris Chambers


Chris Chambers was money for the Chiefs last season. He single handily won the Steeler game. Well, he had help but you remember his play in OT. I sure do. I was jumping around like we’d had won the Super Bowl.

Chambers was much more productive as a Chief than he was as a Charger in 2009. Chambers played 9 games for the Chiefs, racking up 36 catches for 608 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Stretched over a 16 game season, Chambers would have produced 64 catches for 1080 yards and 6.4 touchdowns.

Perhaps, most importantly, Chambers gave the Chiefs the deep threat that they had been lacking. He has longs of 54, 30, 61, 39, 43, 24 and 18.

Chambers seems to be the perfect compliment to Dwayne Bowe’s physical style. The Chiefs were 3-6 with Chambers on the team and the only loss that can really be attributed to Chambers’ play, was the game against Buffalo where he dropped a pass near the 2 yard line that would have given the Chiefs a 1st and goal in a game they were trailing by 6. Chambers, usually sure handed, probably wouldn’t drop that ball twice.

After all this, however, I still think the Chiefs should be cautious in resigning Chris Chambers. Don’t get me wrong, the Chiefs need receivers like nobody’s business but Chambers is 31 years old and isn’t part of the long term plan in Kansas City. His performance as a Chief will surely have other teams calling, teams in a better position to win than the Chiefs, that need receiver help. Teams that can afford to blow some money for 1 or 2 years.

The Chiefs should absolutely resign Chambers if they can get him for a fair price and a short contract. 2 years max. He is an excellent placeholder while the Chiefs look for younger, longer-term receivers.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Chambers is going to resign with the Chiefs. This very well may be his last chance to get a big free agency deal and expect him to seek one out. He owes the Chiefs nothing. They gave him a second chance and he took advantage of it. Make no mistake, if the money comes a calling, Chambers is walking. I think this is the most likely scenario because I don’t think Scott Pioli is going to overpay Chambers. Not when he is sitting at #5 in the draft and can get a Dez Bryant if he has to. Don’t expect the Chiefs to get into a bidding war over this guy.

Kansas City can’t put all their eggs in Chambers’ basket. Even if he is resigned, the Chiefs are one injury away from the terrible WR unit they had at the beginning of the 09’season. Plus a WR tandem of the drop prone Bowe and 31 year old Chambers is not reliable going into a season in which your team must improve.

I could be wrong. The offers for Chambers could be few or the receiver’s asking price may be so high that frightens teams off and he settles for the deal Pioli offers him. It could happen.

But don’t bet your pot of gold on it.