For The Record


You guys are a blast to argue with. Well-informed, passionate, reasonable, and always open-minded to new ideas. I’ll be back later to joust some more on some recent topics, but this is why Chiefs fans are the best fans in the NFL, period.

Unfortunately I will be unable to watch the Senior Bowl live because of scheduling conflicts. I will be catching it later in the evening and posting my thoughts later in the weekend — as of now I’m unaware if Paddy has any plans. Catch it in a couple hours on NFLN, and be prepared to bring it when we start talking about it this weekend.

By the way, it’s been like watching an alternate universe over at AP, where the hottest topic right now is whether the Chiefs should draft Tebow. Matt says yes, ChiefDJ says no. Both make interesting cases but ChiefDJ makes the most sense to me, because drafting Tebow would be a horrible, horrible decision. I have no idea why this was even in question, to be honest.