Teicher: “Clancy Pendergast will not be returning to the coaching staff next season”


Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star is reporting that the Chiefs will part ways with former defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast.

After the hiring of Romeo Crennel as the Chiefs new defensive coordinator, Todd Haley indicated that he would like Pendergast to remain on the staff, possibly coaching the defensive backs. I told you that it was my theory that Pendergast was simply acting as a place holder for Crennel and that I thought Clancy would remain on the staff.

I still believe Haley would have liked Clancy to stay on board but I had it a couple of weeks ago from a source that Pendergast decided he did not wish to stay. It appears the Chiefs will let him go.

Teicher says a Chiefs source said the parting is “mutual.”

In the same article, Teicher goes on to say that the Chiefs have also fired coach Dedrick Ward. Ward began last season as the WR coach before being demoted and replaced by Richie Anderson. Anderson will apparently continue on as the WR’s coach.