Chan Gailey Forming (Gulp) Kansas City East?


With all the talk about Scott Pioli bringing in former NE Patriots players and coaches to create “Patriots West,” it appears that Chan Gailey, former Chiefs offensive coordinator and new head coach of the Buffalo Bills, is forming “Kansas City East!”

The Bills have announced they have hired Chiefs TE coach Bob Bicknell to be their new TE coach. Bicknell’s contract with the Chiefs expired at the end of the 09′ season and it is evidently not getting renewed.

The Bills have also hired Curtis Modkins (Chiefs RB coach 08′) as their offensive coordinator, Joe D’Alessandris (Chiefs offensive line coach 09′) as their offensive line coach and Kevin Patullo, who served as an offensive assistant when Herm Edwards coached the Chiefs.

For Chan’s sake, I hope gang that has now formed “Kansas City East” has a heck of a lot more success than they did when the were “Kansas City West”…or his tenure as head coach may rather short.