Senior Bowl Tweet And Discussion Thread


The Senior Bowl weigh ins have begun. There are a lot of interesting Tweets coming from the reporters in attendance. I’ll be using this threat to give you updates throughout the day so stay tuned and feel free to use the comments to talk Senior Bowl.

"WFNYScott:Reading the Senior Bowl profile on Taylor Mays. His weaknesses are identical to those given to Rey Maulaluga a year ago…"

Weigh-ins going on right now. The first practices are this afternoon; I believe you can watch one of them at 3:30 on NFL Network.

"Some notable measurements coming in: – Mount Cody: 6’4″, 370 lbs. (reportedly looked like Andre Smith did at his pro day) – Tim Tebow: 6’2 6/10″, 236 lbs. (I suspect it’s really 6’2 6/8″, but I saw it reported in tenths) – Taylor Mays: 6’3″, 230 lbs. – Javier Arenas: reportedly measured under 5’9″. That hurts him.Also, it looks like Brandon LaFell (WR LSU) and Trent Williams (OT Oklahoma) have backed out at the last moment. Very disappointing – you could see their draft stocks slide as a result."

Via the Browns Forum Twitter Page