Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One…


"Guy goes up to the Bronco ticket counter and asks to buy playoff tickets… the lady at the counter tells him “sorry, the Broncos didn’t make the playoffs.”The next day the same guys goes back to the ticket counter and asks for playoff tickets. The lady at the counter says “Like I said yesterday, the Broncos didn’t make the playoffs… there are no tickets to buy”.The next day the man arrives at the counter again asking for playoff tickets… the lady at the counters says to the man “THE BRONCOS DID NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!”The man responded…. I know, but I drive all the way from Kansas City just to hear you say that."

Broncos Playoff Tickets-Chiefs Planet


Now watch for an angry Donkey fan to stumble across this post, make up a really witty log in name like “Chiefzsukbalz” and comment “ur gay!”

Oh…wait, that is what a Raider fan did the other day when I made fun of Al Davis.