Stay Classy Al Davis! DOUBLE UPDATE!


DOUBLE UPDATE: Things just keep getting better. The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that Al Davis has been interviewing candidates for Cable’s job for TWO weeks. What is he doing? Interviewing coaches before he fires the one he has. Interviewing offensive coordinators before he has fired his head coach or hired a new one? NFL are you listening? What will it take for you to step in? An Al Davis shooting spree?

UPDATE: Adam Schefter just reported via Twitter that Jackson is not going to Oakland to interview for the head coaching position. Instead, he will be interviewing to be the team’s offensive coordinator. I thought for a moment of taking this article down, however, then I remembered that Schefter’s report that Cable had no knowledge that the interview was taking place. Really, that is worse isn’t it? It is one thing to be interviewing people for a man’s job before you’ve fired him but it is another to DO a mans job for him without firing him. I say again, stay classy Al Davis.

You’ll love this one, Addicts. With another stroke of professionalism, Al Davis is interviewing candidates for Tom Cable’s job BEFORE firing Cable. is reporting that the Raiders have asked for permission to speak to Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson for an “unspecified position.”

To further the ridiculousness, Adam Schefter just said on his Twitter that Cable had no idea Jackson was coming in for an interview.

One would assume that if Jackson was coming in to interview for a staff position, Cable, being the head coach, would know about it. Unless, of course, Jackson is coming in to interview for Cable’s job.

I don’t like feeling bad for anyone who wears silver and black. All I know about Cable is that he likes to punch out his assistant coaches and apparently, his girlfriends. Cable may deserve a little mistreatment but you have to wonder when the NFL is going to finally step in and do something about Al’s house of horrors. I even have the smallest feeling of sympathy for


a few,

this one guy I know who is a Raiders fan. I mean, I am sure not all Raiders fans run around stabbing people with shivs.

Look, I love seeing our division opponents suffering misfortunes. I am a big believer that schadenfreude is good for the soul. But rivalries don’t mean as much when they become one sided. For you to truly hate your rival, they have to beat you once in a while. There is a whole generation of Steelers fans growing up hating the Ravens more than the Browns and if you are a football fan, you know that just isn’t right.

It would feel a lot better to watch the Chiefs beat up on the Raiders if they were a good team and still had some of their old mystique. There is a lot of history and pride surrounding the Raider organization and they will be greatly served when Al Davis is no longer in charge. I can’t figure out why anyone, in his or her right mind, would want to work or play for the Raiders. What a terrible, terrible mess of an organization.