Clancy Pendergast To Stay With The Chiefs


During today’s press conference to introduce Romeo Crennel as the Chiefs new Defensive Coordinator, coach Todd Haley indicated that he would like outgoing Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast to remain on his staff. If I can toot my own horn for a minute here, I told you that I thought Clancy was likely to remain on the staff way back when the Crennel rumors began.

"I have theorized in the past that Clancy Pendergast was nothing but a placeholder for this season and that he was likely aware of the situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pendergast is kept on the staff as an assistant if Crennel takes over at coordinator."

It looks as though I was right. (Pats self on back). Haley indicated Pendergast would likely coach the defensive backs, something he did last season for the Chiefs. We found this out via Tweets from Kent Babb and Josh Looney.

"kb_kcstarHaley on Pendergast’s role: “Clancy is part of my staff. … I want Clancy to be part of this staff.”"

"JoshLooneyClancy Pendergast will remain on chiefs staff…haley says there are moving parts but wants clancy on his staff"

"kb_kcstarHaley said Clancy Pendergast will be coaching a position but wouldn’t specify which."

I don’t believe there would be much chance of Pendergast staying on the staff if he didn’t know this was coming since last year. As I’ve said, I don’t think Clancy was ever supposed to be the Defensive Cordinator, but was brought in to be the defensive backs coach. When Romeo decided to take a year off, I think Todd Haley trusted Clancy with instituting the 3-4 defense with the understanding that he would likely be replaced at seasons end.

Sound off Addicts. Do you think Clancy was merely a placeholder for Crennel? Are you glad he is staying?