What to Do About Pendergast?


An interesting tension could be developing in Kansas City next year? No, I am not talking about Haley/Weis or Haley/Pioli. I am talking about Crennel/Pendergast. By all recent accounts the (imminent) hiring of Crennel does not spell the end of Pendergast; but should it?

It is only human nature to be jealous or defensive when you have been subjugated, demoted or your skills and talent are being questioned. Pendergast ran the defensive show in KC this year, and did just about what we expected; terrible. Unless he knew all along, he was keeping the seat warm for Crennel, then how could he possibly not be a distraction this year sitting behind Crennel and taking his direction?

It would take a gargantuan amount of selflessness to undertake such a duty wouldn’t you agree? Maybe letting Pendergast go once the ink on the Crennel contract dries is the best thing for the chemistry of the defense. Will the other coaches and players respect Pendergast? Would keeping him on board be a mistake? Makes for an interesting dynamic.