As The Romeo Turns: A Love Story


Everyone seems to love Romeo. Romeo, a name synonymous with love and romance, seems to have many suitors in the NFL. The love triangle between the Chiefs, Giants and Cennel has now turned to a full on orgy, as Adam Caplan of is now reporting that both the Bills and Redskins are interested in wooing Romeo.

Still, even though nothing is official, the rumors floating around are that Romeo only has eyes for Kansas City and that he is giving the Chiefs the first chance to land him. It looks as though Scott Pioli is going to have to take the leap and put a ring on Romeo’s finer give Crennel the contract he wants.

Most Soap Operas draw their storylines out for weeks but I have a feeling this one will be over in the next 24 to 48 hours. Tune in to AA tomorrow for another episode of “As The Romeo Turns.”