Shefter: “Crennel will wind up on Kansas City’s defensive staff in 2010”


Earlier today we told you there was a report that Romeo Crennel chose KC over the Giants. Since ESPN’s Adam Shefter reported a couple of weeks ago that Crennel would head to KC I decided to Tweet him to see if he had heard anything new today. Obviously, others had the same idea, as you can see from his latest Tweet below.

"Adam_SchefterLots of tweets on Romeo Crennel to Chiefs — not done yet, but will be. Crennel will wind up on Kansas City’s defensive staff in 2010."

I trust Shefter more than just about anyone else on these matters. If he says it is all but a done deal you can probably take it to the bank. What do you think Addicts? Is Crennel to the Chiefs inevitable?

Update: We first told you about the Crennel to KC rumor heating up earlier today when Vinny DiTrani of reported that Crennel had chosen KC over the NY Giants. In the same report, DiTrani also mentioned that another NFL team would be firing their Defensive Coordinator later today.

Well, according to Adam Shefter, the Miami Dolphins have just fired Paul Pasqualoni. It sounds like Vinny DiTrani’s source was right. It is looking more and more like there is plenty of truth to the rumors.