Chiefs Fire Defensive Line Coach Krumrie


The report comes from Jason LaCanfora of

"The Chiefs have fired longtime defensive line coach Tim Krumrie, according to league sources.Krumrie, who is well respected in the coaching community, likely will command interest elsewhere.Krumrie appears to be the only change on the defense at this point, according to league sources, with coordinator Clancy Pendergast not told he was being let go. With the team already firing position coaches, it would be very unusual for a move involving a coordinator to come later, and Pendergast has informed some around the league that he is safe."

Well, I can’t say I didn’t see this one coming, although I thought Pendergast would go first. Then again, I have been telling you all that I don’t believe Pendergast will be fired but moved into being a positions coach. This development may mean my theory still has legs.

It is still my belief that Scott Pioli wanted Romeo Crennel from the start. I believe Haley and Pioli initially hired Pendergast to be a positions coach and as an insurance policy in case big Romeo Crennel decided to rest his hip for a year. I think Pendergast was given the coordinator job as a placeholder with the understanding that he may move back to positions coach at the end of the season.

Krumrie being let go now may just be a move of respect. He is widely respected around the league the Chiefs are probably trying to give him as much time as possible to find another position, which he surely will. It is probable that Pioli did not want to keep Krumrie on board no matter who the new coordinator is going to be. And who can blame him? The Chiefs defensive line has been under whelming for years. It was time for a change.

As for Pendergast telling people he is safe, that very well may be true. He may very well be with the staff next year, just not as coordinator. If Adam Shefter is reporting the Chiefs are going to hire Crennel I tend to believe him. Shefter has an excellent track record and unless his time hanging out with Mortenson has clogged up his judgment, I think he may be on to something.

Keep it tuned here Addicts. We’ll have more as details come in.