Game Preview From A Denver Fan


Evening Addicts. Just got back into JFK airport after being delayed in Pittsburgh. I am back at headquarters now and will be blogging full force! I wanted to bring you a preview from a good friend of mine from my Arrowhead Pride blogging days. His name is J-Man.

Some of you out there in the sports blog world might already know J-Man. He is a fantastic fan of the Denver Broncos and of the NFL in general. He makes a point of bouncing around all the SB Nation blogs and reaching out and chatting with all the other fans. He is always kind and never malicious, save a little friendly trash talking.

If you see him posting around here in the comments, you should be aware that J-Man has Cerebral Palsy and has a really rough time typing. As a result, his comments may have some typos in them so I ask you to bare with him on that. J-Man often has to put up with insults about his intelligence due to his disability, so I wanted to give you all a heads up.

That all being said, J-Man has done me a favor to type us up a quick preview from the Donkey fans perspective. =) I’ve taken the liberty of editing it up for him. Thanks for the incite J-Man.

"The Chiefs and Broncos is an underrated rivalry between two great organizations. Unfortunately, Denver will be out of the playoffs even with a win but this should still be a great game. Denver has to run the ball more, especially with the benching of Marshall an a recent rash of drops by their wide receivers. Not to mention our o-line is almost as bad as yours. =) On D we have to stop Charles and Bowe or it will be a long day. Also Succop has a big leg and could probably kick a 60-yarder. Anyway, if Denver sticks to the run I say, 31-20 Broncos."