Musket Fire Breaks Down Cassel, Vrabel


Matt DeLucia, lead blogger of Musket Fire and die-hard Patriots fan, was nice enough to write this up for us earlier today. Make sure to head over and check out his site, as it has more info on the big trade over there. – Adam

Watch out fans of the mighty Kansas City Chiefs, your favorite team and their fortunes are turning around! Quite quickly I might add with the recent acquisitions of QB Matt Cassel and LB Mike Vrabel to the club. As a Patriots fan my entire life, I’ve seen many players come and go over the years. Some I’ll miss, others I could care less about, but in the case of Mike Vrabel, there MAY never be another like him.

Vrabel, is the type of player that YOU want on your club. He’s versatile on the field and WILL help you no matter what the situation is or where it calls for him being on it. If it’s the defensive side of the ball he’ll make the play, whether it’s getting pressure on the quarterback, stuffing the runner, defending the pass or just disrupting the rhythm of the opposing team’s offense. On the offensive side of the ball over the years in New England he’s become a great go-to receiver on the goal line. Or a great player for any running back to follow through an opening he’s made and into the end-zone.

If you need him on special teams, he’s there. If you’re looking for someone with sure hands to grab that onside kick, put him on that front line. If it’s kicked near him most likely he’s on the bottom of that pile clutching it in his hands. You want a team leader, YOU’VE GOT THAT also! He’s not one to take a play off, or cry over making a mistake. He gets right back into it and will do whatever needs to be done.

You want someone to motivate and pump up the crowd, well sit back and enjoy it. Numerous times he’s seen on the sidelines energizing the crowds at home, and pumping up his teammates and getting them ready for action. You want a player that’s also a coaches’ favorite and will do whatever it takes to win and succeed (legal things, I mean), you have that also.

No matter if it’s on or off the field, he supports his team, the fans, the players and most importantly the community, regardless of what’s needed. Yes, he’s getting older in age, but to me or other fans he hasn’t lost a step. Health problems have not been a question with Vrabel either, go check his stats throughout his time in (it’s ok, I’ll wait as you check) New England. In his eight years with us he’s played in 125 of 128 possible regular season games and started 110 of them.

So he’s 34 years old, big freakin’ deal. He’ll outplay most younger players with his heart, determination and his pride. I’ll miss him as will so many others that have grown to love the man and his passion for the game. Fans in KC, sit back and enjoy the Vrabel ride for the time you’re graced with him. For the team’s younger players take him aside, talk to him, learn from him and watch what he does on and off the field.

(his comments about Cassel after the jump…)

As for Cassel, who had been with us for four years and until this past season was a back-up to superstar Tom Brady. But after Brady’s injury early into the season opener with the Chiefs, we didn’t know that much about him. But we learned very quickly as did the entire NFL and the fans. We knew he had a good arm, was well rested after not starting in like a million years, lol. But we quickly grew to know him and came to admire and praise him very fast this past season.

You’d hear the crowds chanting “Razzle Dazzle Matt Cassel” as he was leading the Pats to another scoring drive down the field. He has an arm, and can AIR it out when called upon, so that’ll be a great weapon to utilize with the speed of Dwayne Bowe and the sure hands of Tony Gonzalez. Just give him the chance, don’t hold him back in regards to throwing deep down the field, and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

You’re also getting a QB that has no problems not only using his arm to get the first down but also his legs. Cassel has the ability to “shake and bake” most linebackers and scramble for the first. And we’ve seen him this past season do it from five yards away from the endzone for the touchdown, or do it for 27yards going down the middle of the field.

Just pray that whoever is calling the offense next season for KC has faith and confidence in his abilities. He’ll be fine as will the Chiefs, especially since they both will have a full six months going through drills, training camp, mini-camps together, which is something he didn’t have the luxury of this past season. He was learning on the fly, trying to build that rapport and confidence with players on the field. Which he did just fine near the end of the season.

The Chiefs aren’t just getting one solid player, but two in this deal. Will it make you a playoff team next season? No one knows at this time. But hey if you get 8-9 wins with the schedule you have, the AFC West title just might be yours for the taking. Plus signing Cassel to a longer contract, say maybe a 4-5 year deal, and then drafting WR Michael Crabtree to BOLSTER the offense, will make the Chiefs a contender as well as a force to be reckoned with ONCE AGAIN in the AFC!

Looks like the folks up in New Englad think we got a helluva deal. Well, other than that Ron Borges clown. We’ve kind of hit a lull free agency wise, but I trust that Scott Pioli is working dilligentally. There will be moves to report soon, and solid ones.Adam