Cassel Trade Buzz: Deal A Masterstroke For Chiefs


Here’s what’s being said about the deal that sent both Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel from the Patriots to the Chiefs…

Don Banks,

"Secondly, and this one’s going to be discussed and dissected more than the state of Matt Walsh’s video skills in early 2002, but the second-round pick compensation the Chiefs gave up for both Cassel and fellow Patriot, linebacker Mike Vrabel, is so laughably low that we must ask whether Bill Belichick has grown soft before our very eyes?First Tom Brady is caught numerous times looking like Gisele’s well-dressed errand boy, now this. Belichick doing both Pioli and Cassel a huge favor by not demanding more than the 34th overall pick in the draft for two players who could have brought far more in value from about 30 other NFL teams.Mr. Nice Guy, Bill Belichick. I don’t know that we should get used to that idea, but in this case he unquestionably did a nice thing for two people he feels a kinship for and considers friends. And that’s going to make us think a bit differently of Belichick’s image and reputation for a while."

Brian Miller, Phin Phanatic:

"The Chiefs fans have to be rejoicing.  They would not have found anyone in this years draft at pick 34 that would have filled what Cassel alone brings to the table let alone Vrabel.  While Cassel will not have the talents of a Randy Moss or Wes Welker on his team in KC, he will have the premier TE in Tony Gonzalez and a young WR who appears like the real deal in Dwayne Bowe."

Mike Reiss, Reiss’ Pieces:

"Patriots fans might be asking “that’s it?”It’s an understandable question given that Matt Cassel has proven to be a capable NFL starting quarterback, and those are hard to find, and Mike Vrabel is a do-it-all veteran who is a “glue” guy in the locker room."

Matt DeLucia, Musket Fire:

"And he’ll need it fast, so call the FBI have them surround the Gillette Stadium offices, field and protect Mr. Bill. But with all the PISSED OFF, people in New England currently and around the world, it won’t make a difference. No,agency or amount of security will be able to protect him from the massive angry crowds that will appear and try their best to lynch him. So after the angry crowd gets to Mr. Belichick, that’s when the show America’s Most Wanted will be needed. Hey, someone needs to try and find the culprit responsible for his demise.Making matters worse would be “officially”hearing the Pats were offered the Chiefs first round pick (3) in this years draft, and it was refused. You don’t turn down a #3 overall for the freak-in 34th overall unless you’ve lost your damn mind! I know I’m not the only angry Patriots fan at this time, so come on NOW is the time to voice your opinion on this trade and let it OUT! Please tell me there is more to this trade than what’s known at the moment. If not I feel bad for Mr. Bill, it won’t be pretty!"

Bill Williamson, ESPN:

"hen I got the press release from the Chiefs explaining the deal: The Chiefs got Cassel and linebacker Mike Vrabel from the Patriots for their second-round pick, which is the No. 34 overall pick in the April draft.I needed no more time to come to a conclusion: This was an outstanding deal for the Chiefs.There really is no risk here. Look, we don’t know if Cassel is going to be a superstar player. Yes, he looked good in his time as Tom Brady’s replacement in New England. But he had a terrific supporting cast and superb coaching.It is unclear if Cassel, who reunites with general manager Scott Pioli in Kansas City, can have the same impact on a much weaker Kansas City team. But he will at least be serviceable and capable of having a big game here and there. And don’t discount the possibility of Cassel being outstanding in Kansas City."

Chris Thorman, Arrowhead Pride:

"I haven’t chimed in fully yet on the trade but my feelings are a lot like what I’ve been reading in the comments- shock, excitement and optimism. I’m also very impressed how Scott Pioli pulled this off.Right now, I’m as excited as I’ve ever been about the Kansas City Chiefs. And we haven’t played a down of the 2009 season.Life is good. In Pioli we trust."

Bill Belichick, via PFT:

"“When Mike arrived in 2001, we knew we were adding a solid outside linebacker,” Belichick said. “But where Mike took it from there exceeded our highest hopes. Mike Vrabel epitomizes everything a coach could seek in a professional football player: toughness, intelligence, playmaking, leadership, versatility, and consistency at the highest level. Behind the scenes, Mike’s wit and personality is one of the things we have all enjoyed about coming to work every day.“The toughest aspect of my job is the day I stop coaching people like Mike, who did everything in his power to contribute to team success. Of all the players I have coached in my career, there is nobody I enjoyed working with more than Mike In the same way people recognize guys like Troy Brown, we appreciate and thank Mike Vrabel. He is one of the very special Patriots champions.”Belichick also praised Cassel: “It is very easy to root for guys like Matt Cassel, who do everything the right way and flourish as a result. As much as we would have loved to continue working with Matt, we wish him nothing but the best as he takes this next step forward in his career.”"

Nick Athan, WPI:

"Cassel instantly becomes KC’s starting quarterback. Last season he took over for the injured Tom Brady and led New England to an 11-5 record. Per Peter King of Sports Illustrated, the trade was finalized Friday evening.With the Chiefs sitting on nearly $56 million in cap space, they have the money to make Cassel one of the highest paid young quarterbacks in the NFL. The Chiefs had been rumored to be interested in drafting one of the top quarterbacks in the draft this April, as both Georgia’s Matt Stafford and USC’s Mark Sanchez saw their stock rise to the top end of the draft.Now the Chiefs, who still hold the third overall pick, can add one of the top offensive linemen, possibly Virginia offensive tackle Eugene Monroe, or swing back to the defense and pick Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry.Either way the Chiefs have jumped to the top of the heap in day two of free agency by acquiring Cassel. Now the job will be to tweak the offense in free agency."

Pat’s Pulpit:

"To KC fans, Pioli looks like a genius, and likely isBelichick helps a friend rebuild his new team and does it by not hurting the PatriotsMike Vrabel, at 34, gets to add leadership to a young team and leave behind a defense moving on to the next generationMatt Cassel gets a nice payday in a shrinking market and keeps a starting gigGiven NE traded away Cassel, Tom Terrific is, most likely ready"