Cardinals @ Chiefs Post-Game Report: Turk Terrorizes


Who is that…Neil Smith?

(Phew, what a night. I’m still catching my breath from watching Michael Phelps win his eighth gold. After he made his turn it was like he wasn’t even human. It was like he ws sent back in time to kill John Connor or something. We don’t need an Aquaman movie–we got the real underwater superhero right here with us! Congrats to an American hero and one of the greatest athletes ever.)

Now, back to Chiefs football. I’m going to keep to the free-flowing form that I adopted after the first game. Here…we…go…

Larry Johnson. What more can I say? You know, I read these articles were he’s ranked in the teens among NFL running backs, and it boggles my mind. Look at what happened to him last year: A.) His line sucked; B.) His offensive coordinator sucked worse; C.) He played against great front sevens; D.) His two quarterbacks were a glorified rookie and a career back-up; E.) He held out almost all of the preseason; and F.) He got hurt. Even considering all of that, the Chiefs were 4-3 and beating Green Bay when he went down. People just don’t think when they evaluate L.J. nowadays. Nothing has changed. Well, except that he didn’t miss any of camp, and we have a better line, O.C and quarterback (Brodie Croyle has improved, it’s just unclear how much). Iron Man is back folks, and he’s possibly better than ever. If Dwayne Bowe would have just blocked on that 18-yard run, he might have taken it to the house. 2-7 is silencing the haters!

Turk McBride was my first-half star of the game. I’m sure I’ll get blasted for one of my other favorite players having a forgettable night tonight. I may drive that bandwagon, but I also drive the Turk bandwagon. I love it when our guys play well. It makes us Addicts feel like proud parents. Anyway, Turk was working against Levi Brown for most of the night from what I could tell (with my two Internet streaming options–choppy or fuzzy), and he came away with two sacks. We knew he had a great motor, but he also looked quick and strong. I think Turk nailed the coffin shut on the Alfonso Boone-LDE experiment. Rest in peace!

It’s too early to judge this entire rookie class, but I’ll go out on a limb (not really) and say that Brandon Flowers is a player. Flowers Power was all over the field tonight. He’s got a chance to be a lock-down corner. Getting him in the second round was a major, major steal.

Boy, was it nice to see both of our safeties come up and make good, strong, fundamentally sound tackles on consecutive plays. When your coaches yell at you to wrap up, they aren’t talking about the dame you take home from Blonde. Hopefully, Bernard Pollard and, especially, Jarrad Page will keep tackling like that.

Maurice Price is a baller. People think I’m just obsessed with Bobby Sippio, but half or more of that obsession is due to how much disdain I had for the departed Samie Parker, and currently have for Jeff Webb. As long as Webb doesn’t crack our top four receivers rotation-wise, I’m walking on sunshine. Devard Darling and Will Franklin were training camp dandies, but Price has been peerless and priceless in the preseason thus far. Price was my second pick for break-out player. Just thought I’d add that.

The offensive line looked great early on, but those guys better stay healthy. We have absolutely no depth there.

What about Chan Gailey‘s direct snap to L.J.? Gotta love an O.C. with a little bit of an imagination. It will sure take some getting used to again.

Dimitri Patterson, another long-time A.A. fave, belongs on this team. The kid has as much heart as anybody on the roster. Great special teamer. I also think he can be a guy who plays defensive back in certain packages.

Glenn Dorsey is a space-eating legion. Running on Swamp Thing is going to be like running through a swamp with cinderblock shoes. I can’t wait to see more of No. 72.

The linebackers continued to struggle for the most part. So did the reserves in the secondary. Just awful coverage and tackling back there.

What about Johnny Dingle coming off the edge like he’s been watching Derrick Thomas highlights all his life? Maybe the kid wants to make the team?

Unlike the Arizona announcers, I wasn’t impressed with Tyler Thigpen. Great legs, very mediocre arm. There’s absolutely no progression with him either. You almost wonder if he locks on because he’s so short he can’t see. I mean, he does throw a ton better on the run out in the flat, so maybe he just can’t see? I’m not sure, but I don’t think he’ll ever be a capable pocket passer.

Dontrell “Macho Man” Savage was my second-half star of the game (hey, somebody had to be). Cut B.J. Sams now. Watching Savage return after we’ve been watching Eddie Drummond and Sams struggle to pick up anything, is like watching Baryshnikov dance after Chris Farley. Kid’s got moves. If Macho Man gets cut I will be pissed. Just having a guy who looks like he might break something is a breath of fresh air.

The part I’m not looking forward to. Bobby Sippio. Caught one pass out of four. The other three were poor passes, and one was tipped, but he should have hauled in at least two balls tonight. He got his hands on all four balls. I think he was pressing a little bit for the home fans, but he will need to rebound next week in a major way. He’s still got plenty of talent and a decent shot. But, hey, Sippio’s lost opportunity was Kevin McMahan‘s gain. Check out these highlights of Maine’s finest. Maybe there is another dark horse on the roster?

I’m taking a break when it comes to talking about our other quarterbacks, due to being drawn and quartered and spit on yesterday. I’ll let you guys dissect those situations for now.

Let’s hear it, Addicts, what did you think of the second preseason game?