Grading The 2005 Draft


I mentioned in my last article that you really can’t grade a draft fairly a couple days after it is completed.  You need to wait at least 2 years, better yet 3 to look back and see how well the Chiefs did in any particular draft.  I believe Bob Gretz was or is doing this with the 2005 draft class, but to be honest with you, I don’t read many articles over at the old “official site” anymore, seems like propaganda most of the time and I would much rather read fans opinions instead of people getting paid by the team to write their opinion.

So below, I will start with the 2005 draft class, this was Dick Vermeil last draft I believe and as many Chiefs drafts under the Carl Peterson regime, the first pick or two are good if not great but then it all falls apart. I don’t know if that is because Carl and the coach he hired didn’t believe in playing younger players, allowing the time needed to develop or they just flat out missed on the pick.  

Round 1, Pick 15-Derrick Johnson LB

Now I don’t care what you say, you didn’t think Derrick would fall to the Chiefs with the 15th pick this year and neither did I.  I can remember watching this draft and Carolina and New Orleans were ahead of the Chiefs.  When the Saints took Jamal Brown and thought for sure Carolina would jump all over Johnson, but instead they chose another LB/S in Thomas Davis.  I couldn’t believe it.  

 Johnson has gotten consistently better every year he has played.  I noticed two things watching him last year.  1.  He really has developed the knack for reading the guard pulling and running through the hole before anyone has a chance to block him, making a stop in the backfield.  This is a trait all good LB have in the NFL.  Watch Junior Seau, even up to last year, when the guard pulls, Junior is right there in the vacated spot with a clear shot to the backfield.  Derrick started doing the same thing last year with a good deal of consistency.  2.  He needs to get more INT’s to become a truly elite LB.  Donnie Edwards coming in last season I believe really did help DJ–much to the Chiefs delight.  I think this upcoming season will be a pro bowl type season (barring injury of course) for Johnson.  He will put it all together and deliver up monster numbers all the way across the board.  Then we can just hope Carl doesn’t trade him or something crazy like that…right?   

Grade:  A

Round 2, Pick 46 Trade with Miami for Patrick Surtain

Not much to say, other than I believe Surtain didn’t live up to all the hype and drama that went along with this trade.  As far as I’m concerned, since the Chiefs are rebuilding, why not kick him to the curb along with Law?   Grade:  C

Round 3, Pick 99-Dustin Colquitt P

Last year, every time Dustin would come out on the field and punt the ball, I would look at the guys watching the game with me and say, “there’s the Chiefs MVP”. You might laugh or shake your head at that statement, but it’s true.  Dustin has helped the defense more than anybody else (except for maybe that guy the Chiefs traded away a couple weeks ago…what was his name?) with his ability to pin opposing teams deep.  This was a great pick, even though many stated it was a waste of a pick- a punter, in the third round?  I would like to hear what those people say now.  Dustin’s punting average has increased every year, but his accuracy is his real strength.   

Grade:  A

Round 5, Pick 138-James “Boomer” Grigsby LB, 

Chiefs’ fans fell in love with this pick the second his name was called out at the podium.  I admit–I liked all I saw, heard and read about “Boomer”.  Unfortunately, he lived up to none of it.  He was awful, in fact, he was unable to cut it as a linebacker in the NFL, so the Chiefs tried moving him to FB which he managed to fail miserably at that as well. This is the first bust of the 2005 draft, and unfortunately for not only the players, but for Chiefs fans around the world, most of picks that remain are bust as well.

Grade:  D

Round 5, Pick 147-Alphonso Hodge CB

Bust # 2–Mr. Hodge.  It amazes me how people in the organization pump these guys up when they draft them.  To hear the GM, or head coach talk about a pick, they want you, the fan, to believe that every pick they made should be a pro bowl player one day.  I know they can’t come out a say “Well, chances are he won’t make the team, but he has a chance.”  Oh, wait, Herm does do that now. My bad.  

In closing, Hodge did nothing of merit for the Chiefs and is somewhere in the US doing something I’m sure.  Maybe writing for a Chiefs blog somewhere?  Who knows…oh wait upon further review he is currently an “All American Football League cornerback with Team Michigan”. Ahhhhhhhh OK. 

Here Alphonso, catch this—F

Round 6, Pick 187-Will Svitek OT

Will has managed to stick around-somehow.  I guess it’s due to the fact that the offensive line has just been awful.  Will hasn’t done much except get burned and allow the Chiefs quarterback(s) get drilled and hurt.  Thanks Will!  Unbelievably Will didn’t play too bad at RT last season towards the end of the year, word is he will have every opportunity to claim the spot and make it his own this season.  I guess for that reason and that reason only I have to give Will a C in the grade. 

I will make these last three short and sweet.

Round 6, Pick 199-Khari Lang DE


Grade: F

Round 7, Pick 229-James Kililan QB


Grade: F

Round 7, Pick 238-Jermey Parquet OT


Grade F

So, going by how one would figure out their GPA in High School or College, with an “A” being worth 4 and an “F” being worth 0 let’s see how the Chiefs faired in the 2005 NFL draft shall we?


No matter where you went to school…that ain’t good.

Next week, 2006.