Brodie and Kelli Croyle's Netflix Queue


Hey there, Chiefs fans!

Brodie and Kelli Croyle here. The folks at Arrowhead Addict were nice enough to let us come on here and share what DVDs we’re renting from Netflix. DVDs have been around for awhile — well, not in Alabama — but we still think they’re cool. I mean, how do they get all that stuff on that skinny, little disc. Guess it’s sorta like Brodie — skinny, little guy with a big arm. Anyway, we couldn’t let Jon Kitna show us up, especially after he and his wife outdid us big time on Halloween (we went as Ronnie Van Sant and a groupie… Skynard, baby, whew-hoo!).

So here’s our current Netflix top ten…

Sweet Home Alabama (Kelli) – This movie reminds us of home. And I sure do like that Reese Witherspoon a whole heck of a lot more than Jessica Simpson. Like she’s the only quarterback’s girl that’s good looking or something. I don’t look so bad in Daisy Dukes myself, honey. And, yes, I get first choice on here 🙂

Leading Man (Brodie) – This really hits home right now, because a leading man is what I’m trying to be. Plus, Jon Bon Jovi just rocks. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m guessing that it will be awesome.

The Notebook (Kelli) – I love this movie, and make Brodie Poo watch it over and over with me. It’s the least he can do considering all the football I watch. Plus, that Ryan Gosling is just so cute. He reminds me of my man. Don’t we look like Ryan and Rachel McAdams in our engagement picture? I thought so!

Crimson Tide (Brodie) – Great name (Roll Tide!), great actors, great movie. Shoot, I bet even Jay Cutler likes this one. Gene Hackman kinda reminds me of Gunther in this, actually.

Failure to Launch (Kelli) – Brodie’s number one, but that Matthew McConaughey is definitely number two. It’s gonna stay that way, too, because Brodie Poo is launching just fine. And Sarah Jessica Parker just has such great style. We try in the South, but there’s only one Carrie Bradshaw.

The Fantastic Four (Brodie) – First off, this just seems more real to me then guys dressed up as bats or flying around in capes. Plus, Jessica Alba is in it (hope I don’t get in too much trouble for that). This year, Derrick, Dwayne, Jared and Tony have been The Fantastic Four. Maybe I’ll swoop in like the Silver Surfer next year. That’d be kinda cool, wouldn’t it?

Sliding Doors (Kelli) – Gwenyth Paltrow is just adorable. Plus, I’m showing this to Brodie to knock some sense into him about this year. Whether he won the starting job or not, nobody was making the playoffs behind that line.

300 (Brodie) – Sometimes I feel as outnumbered as the guys in this movie behind our line. Kelli keeps telling me that it ain’t my fault, and she just might be right. Plus, Boomer and Jared will come over to look at something other than Kelli for once.

The Wedding Planner (Kelli) – Ahhhh! This one reminds me so much of The Big Day! And even though J-Lo’s behind is a little bigger than I want mine to ever be, I can’t ever get enough McConaughey. When you gonna get you some muscles like that, Brodie Poo?

Pipe Dream (Brodie) – L.J.’s an artist, Kyle Turley’s an activist, Tony learned how to dance, etc… I’m trying to broaden my horizons, too. Once in awhile, Kelli and I will actually rent a recommendation, sometimes even one of those Indie films. I picked this one because it’s about a plumber who acts like he’s a film director, a con artist. Kinda reminded me of Carl Peterson a bit.

Well, thanks for reading, folks. Don’t forget to turn on the tube and watch your Chiefs play up in Detroit on Sunday. Don’t worry; Kelli doesn’t own a pink Chiefs jersey, and she won’t be watching from a box. Maybe we’ll finally get a win? That way Brodie will be able to watch some of these movies instead of just all of that gosh darn game film.

Brodie and Kelli