A Time to be Thankful


What am I thankful for?

  • The Kansas City Chiefs. A storied franchise with the best fans in the NFL. Hands down.
  • Zach. The man behind the scenes that makes this baby run. He’s like our Donnie Edwards or Tony Richardson. Without him things just wouldn’t click.
  • Lamar Hunt – It’s been about a year since you passed, but we’ll never forget the best gift most of us have ever received — a great NFL franchise in Kansas City. We’ll never forget you and what you did for the Chiefs, Kansas City and the NFL.
  • My family and friends. After all, what would Thanksgiving be without people to enjoy it with?
  • The readers of Arrowhead Addict. Fan-Sided Blogs started here, with the house you helped build. Thank you so much for your continued support.
  • The NFL. Even when your team really isn’t a true contender, the NFL is the world’s best sports product. Yes, even when your fantasy football teams are struggling.
  • Priest Holmes. I haven’t always been a huge Priest backer, especially the past few years. His last comeback was a courageous one that showed his true colors. He went out the right way — with no bullets left in his holster. He earned his paychecks from the Hunts and deserves a spot in the Ring of Honor. Thanks for everything, Priest. You were a great one and it was a privilege watching you do your thing.
  • Dwayne Bowe. The kid is a top-10 wide receiver in the making. Believe that.
  • Brodie Croyle. We saw last week that the kid has the arm, guts, legs and swagger to be a great one. He just has to put it all together. Give him a line and he will. I believe.
  • Jared Allen. I know he won’t be drinking tomorrow, but we should all do a toast to the guy who’s been arguably the best defensive player in the league during the past eight games. The One Man Gang is the man.
  • Derrick Johnson. OMG is the defense’s best player, but D.J. isn’t far behind. What a steal. My bro and I wanted Thomas Davis, but Johnson slipped to us and has been a much better player.
  • Larry Johnson’s injury – This will keep us out of the playoffs, give us a much better first-round draft pick and allow L.J. to return fresh and rejuvenated next year. That’s a lot of silver lining.
  • Kolby Smith – I have the feeling that the rookie back out of Louisville is about to show us all that he’s more than a back-up. I expect his audition to go extremely well and for him to play alongside L.J. next year, in addition to getting meaningful carries as the primary back-up.
  • Alfonso Boone – One team’s trash is another team’s treasure. Don’t think for a second that the Bears aren’t regretting letting him bolt.
  • Mike Solari – Your fultility will pay off down the road. Your poor playcalling has made our offensive line look even worse than it is and will ultimately keep us out of the playoffs and under .500. This will guarantee that Clark Hunt and King Carl spending a lot of dough to revamp our offensive line next offseason. Hopefully, you won’t have too hard of a time finding another job.
  • The Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers – Neither team is good enough to go the distance or even win a playoff game, but they are staying in front of us in the standings. Meanwhile, we have just as much talent — especially young talent — and are going to get a much, much better first-round draft pick. I can’t imagine what drafting a franchise offensive tackle would do for this team.
  • The Oakland Raiders – For always guaranteeing that we won’t be the laughingstock of the division. Al Davis might look like the Grinch, but to Chiefs fans he is much more like Saint Nick. Two guaranteed wins every year is a nice present (except when you want a top draft pick).
  • The Indianapolis Colts. Thanks for going for and converting what was essentially a game-winning quarterback sneak. Now we’re basically out of the playoffs, and don’t have to share your state of denial. No way Peyton and Co. stop the Pats. Only the Cowboys have a puncher’s chance.
  • Every position except cornerback and the offensive line. We have less holes to fill this upcoming offseason than any season in recent history. that’s a very, very good thing.
  • Arrowhead Pride. Chris has done a lot for us, and we enjoy the hell out of his blog. Thanks for everything, Chris.
  • BallHype. Another site that has helped blow us up. Love their product.

Be sure to come back over the Holiday weekend. We will be here, as always.