Game Four Predictions: Chiefs at Chargers


Adam Best – This one is tough. Both my head and heart tell me that the Chiefs will hang tough in this one, but can they win it? Remembering how the Chiefs have played on the road recently — probably not. Qualcomm is a lousy homefield advantage, though, so anything is possible. Especially considering that the Bolts are struggling on both sides of the ball. My prediction: San Diego Chargers 20, Kansas City Chiefs 13

Zach Best – After an emotional and much needed win the Chiefs go back on the road to face last years AFC regular season champs. The Chargers are in much need of a win, especially Norv Turner. I am scared, very scared that this is going to be L.T.’s coming out party for the season. This is not to take anything away from how our Defense has been playing, but more about L.T.’s frustration. Norv knows he has to give L.T. the ball and I think he will put one on us. I also think that if we lost this game it might be time to start thinking about playing Croyle, especially if we drop the next one. The Chargers and Chiefs will actually score some points this weekend, but the Chiefs will lose this game 27-17.

Mark Hunsaker The Chiefs go to San Diego with the league’s fourth ranked defense. It has been a long time since we could utter anything like that about the Red and Gold. Obviously, the problems have been on the offensive side of the ball, but that is not a problem limited to the Chiefs. KC’s 29th ranked offense has had similar results to San Diego’s 27th ranked offense. Mike Solari will not forget the success he had with 82 last week and the Chargers’ defense (ranked 22nd overall) will not be able to shut down the Chiefs as easily as Chicago or Minnesota. Turnovers will continue to be a big factor. Look for Dave Rayner to have a big day—again—in both kickoffs and field goals. The Chiefs will go on the road and hush all of the “worst team in the league” folks this week. Chiefs 18, Chargers 17

Bankmeister – The Chiefs and the Chargers are two teams that are struggling to get their acts together, the most out of the talent they have on their rosters. Sitting at 1-2, it’s imperative that someone step up and take advantage of this division game in week four. Week three’s victory against Minnesota proved to be exciting, frightening and concerning throughout each of those four quarters. Penalites and screaming during the game exposed the players’ level of frustration, something that continued into the week once the media became involved. The same holds true for the Chargers. The difference is this: The Chargers have greener coordinators and an unproven coach, while the Chiefs’ coaching staff has more experience together and a slightly better track record.

The problem is that Herman’s crew, based on the “philosophy” of their fearless leader will do nothing to change said frustration; they will crawl right back into their conservative, non-turnover shell that allegedly wins games. The Chargers’ staff, on the other hand, know that they need to get something going right now before the ship gets too far off course. And they will. Add to that whatever home-field “advantage” you want to assign to Qualcomm, and the Chiefs fly home 1-3. Chiefs 9, Chargers 24.

Chris Thorman (Arrowhead Pride)The Chiefs fan in me says we win 23 to 20 as the Chiefs’ defensive line holds LT to less than 100 yards and sacks Philip Rivers five times with one pick. On the flip side, I’ll be picking San Diego in the weekly football pool. The chances of them consistently playing poorly are lower from week to week in my mind. But I’m also thinking about starting the Chiefs defense in my fantasy football league.

In other words, I’m flip flopping all over the place. But, as always, I’m going with the Chiefs instinct- Chiefs win, 23 to 20

Stan M. (The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes) The pressure is bubbling in San Diego. Yup, even in a lax town like San Diego, better known for surfing and fish tacos, there is pressure. And Charger fans are rampantly mad about this Chargers team. Somehow and understandably the blame for the 1-2 start has been bestowed squarely on the shoulders of the new head coach Norv Turner and for good measure. This was supposed to be a Charger team that had enough talent a monkey could get them deep into the playoffs. Somewhere, Marty Schottenhiemer is laughing.

Anyhow, it’s not all Turner’s fault. As bad as the offense has been, particularly running the ball, the defense has been equally as bad if not worse. Ted Cotrell should find his name mentioned for a majority of the blame. This Charger defense has been anything, but stellar and stingy like the one we knew and loved last season. 55 yard slant passed to the house with the game on the line…give me a break? If the Chargers are at all going to rebound and re-establish themselves as a favorite in not only the AFC WEST, but the AFC as a whole it must start this weekend at home against Kansas City. And it must start with defense.

Realistically, this should be the weekend we finally get the true pulse of this team. A blowout is what the fans want and the Chiefs appear to be a wounded team heading to San Diego, facing their own offensive woes. However, some sneaking suspicion tells me this won’t be the blow out we are hoping for in San Deegs. The Chiefs defense hasn’t been exactly nasty, but they’ve been able to keep the team in games. LJ should finally find some running lanes, as should LT (wink, wink for fantasy owners). However, 12.5 points is a shitload to lay in the NFL. Especially when we are talking about division rivals.

I don’t think a 1-2 team should ever be favored by more than 5 points regardless of who they are playing or who they’ve played. The prediction here is Chargers 24 Chiefs 20.

Davey (Blown Coverage) Usually when the Chargers and Chiefs get together, you can expect a high-scoring and entertaining ball game. But when the two teams meet this Sunday, you’re basically assured of seeing the two worst coaches in football. If I’m starting a franchise right now, Herm Edwards and Norv Turner would be at the bottom of my list and I would think that Chargers and Chiefs fans would agree with me.

Either way, if the Chargers are entertaining any hopes of having a successful season, this is a game they need to win. They’re at home, they’re “pissed off”, Larry Johnson has a sore hammy and the Chiefs have struggled a lot so far this season. After a very tough 3 game stretch to start the year, this is one San Diego needs to win. SD 31, KC 14.