Chiefs Fix: Afternoon Delight


According to the Star, DamionMcIntosh is expected to start and Larry Johnson isn’t going to have the training wheels on against the Texans. Our offense couldn’t really get much better news. – The Kansas City Star

Bob Gretz essentially writes the exact same thing about L.J. and the Texans game. Check out the table below as well. Pretty interesting stuff. – Kansas City Chiefs Official Site

In a separate and not nearly as newsworthy article, it’s revealed that Samie Parker is likely a starting wide reciever in name only. Whenever Dwayne Bowe is ready to take his spot he will. Really, it sounds like the training camp he missed is the reason why he won’t be a week one starter. Let’s chill out on this Tony Ugoh talk for now. Sure, he was a good addition for the Colts, but let’s give D-Bo a chance. And Ugoh wouldn’t even be playing with McIntosh back in the fold. – The Kansas City Star

Chris enlists Battle Red Blog to break down the Houston Texans for us. – Arrowhead Pride

I’ll leave you with this excerpt from the 2007 Kansas City Chiefs preview I did for Epic Carnival. All the experts are expecting us to be miserable, but here are my five reasons why we’ll finish at least 8-8…

"Five Reasons the Chiefs Will Be Better Than You Think:5. Damon Huard — stop laughing and let me write. Damon Huard — seriously. Damon Huard. He went 5-3 as a starter last year and only Cut That Meat himself had a better passer rating among AFC quarterbacks. Huey also has a new left tackle — Damion McIntosh. Dame Mac is a far cry from the abysmal ‘o6 starter Jordan Black, who earned the nickname “I-65” because “you could drive 4 lanes of trucks through his pass blocks.”4. Larry Johnson. Even though Larry Johnson did go way over the dreaded 370-carry mark last season, his tires don’t have as much wear and tear on them as you might think. He wasn’t a three-or four-year workhorse at Penn State, and he’s really only played two-and-a-half years as a Chief. Plus, L.J. is just a tank. I’ve never seen him even grimace. I’m all but convinced that he can’t be injured. Hey, if Priest Holmes is Mr. Glass, somebody has to be Unbreakable.3. Dwayne Bowe. The Chiefs have been lacking a possession receiver who can help the team convert third-and-long situations for… well, let’s just say since Star Wars was still a figment of George Lucas’ imagination. Enter D-Bo. He looks like a tight end, runs like a gazelle and blocks like a fullback downfield. He’s going to remind you of guys like Anquan Boldin, Hines Ward and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Yeah, that’s a good thing.2. The Defense. Donnie Edwards is the most underrated defensive player in the NFL and a perfect fit for head coach Herm Edward’s cover two scheme. He will end up being one of the best free agent acquisitions from this past offseason. Add veteran middle linebacker Napoleon Harris to Edwards and star-in-the-making Derrick Johnson, and you have what Herm Edwards calls “the fastest three in captivity.” Factor in a sober Jared Allen, second year sackman Tamba Hali, monster rookie defensive tackle Tank Tyler, two former Pro Bowl corners and two promising young safeties, and you might be looking at the most improved defense in the entire league.1. Arrowhead. The Chiefs lost their first December home game in a decade to the 12-4 Baltimore Ravens last year. The Chiefs also have the best home record in the NFL over the past two decades, and sellout every single game. If you haven’t been there, then you have to go. Words simply cannot do The Sea of Red justice. I actually think the term “home-field advantage” was coined after a trip to the ‘Head. Anyway, let’s just say that Vikes QB Tavaris Jackson has no idea what he’s in for come September 23, the day of the Chiefs’ home opener (not to mention Jared Allen’s ’07 debut)."

“NFL Preview: Kansas City Chiefs” – Epic Carnival

That’s it for now. Plenty more to come over the course of the weekend as we prep you for the opening game of the season.