Allen to Report


The Kansas City Star is reporting that DE Jared Allen will report to Chiefs practice if his one-year contract can get signed by then. Allen has said that he doesn’t have issues with his teammates, coaches, and fans and that is why he will report to practice instead of holding out.

"“That’s the reason I’m back,” Allen said. “I told coach Edwards: ‘Let’s not get this mistaken. I’m back for my teammates and for you.’ There’s no other reason. I’ve always had a great relationship with Herm. I’ve said all along that this has nothing to do with my teammates, my coaches or the fans in Kansas City. It’s strictly management that we’re not seeing eye to eye with."

"“My teammates don’t need to be punished for this. They’re being punished enough already with my suspension. I’m going to be with the Chiefs this year, and we’ve still got to get some things right. We’re still trying to win a Super Bowl here. It’ll give me some time to get there and work on some things, especially with those two rookie linemen we have coming in.“There are two sides to this. There’s the business side, which I’m absolutely fed up with. Then there’s the football side. I’m a football player, and it’s what I love to do. It’s time to focus back on football again.”"

Jared has sold his house in Overland Park in what he sees as his last year in Kansas City. He will live with a friend for the football season. He called chances of the Chiefs re-signing him “slim pickings.”

"“There are some things that would have to change seriously if I was going to do a (long-term) contract,” Allen said. “It’s a shame. I love that community. I’ve always said I want to make Kansas City my home. I’m never going to say never because things do happen. But it’s definitely slim pickings. I’ll play this year out and see where it ends up.”"

Alright here is my best “Adam” breakdown I can give you , but with my own perspective. Why is Jared so mad with management? Is it Carl’s ego? Or is it just business? I think that is a mixture of almost everything and everyone’s ego involved in a business decision. Jared wants to get paid for what he does on the field. Carl wants to pay him a reasonable price for a player that could be suspended for a year if he were to get arrested again.

Here is my problem with Mr. Allen: Why does he think he deserves a huge long-term contract when he has proven that he is unreliable off the field? Jared, this is why you weren’t a first-day draft pick because you did this crap in college. Getting suspended for any amount of time will not make your teammates, coaches, fans, and/or management very pleased with you. Is Pacman, Ricky Williams, Tank Johnson, or Chris Henry getting extensions? No! Why? Because they got or will get suspended. Players that are one infraction away for missing an entire season need to prove to everyone that they will be responsible, something Jared has not learned yet. Just ask Eric Warfield how much playing time you get after you can’t stop drinking and driving. He is going to miss four games this season. Four games is 25% of the regular season and usually the first four games determine if you will be a playoff team or not. So he has cost his organization heavily. Doesn’t he owe the Chiefs something? I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for him.

I do see this on the other side for Chiefs Fans. Is this going to turn out to be another John Tait situation? I hope not. I truly love what Jared brings to the table. He has a motor that is completely opposite of Junior and Sims. I love that about him, but he obviously uses that motor off the field too. I hope the two parties will cool down and realize that for both it is best that Jared stays in Kansas City. Right now I don’t see that happening. Jared wants out, the Chiefs won’t franchise him next year cause it would cost them 11-12 million to franchise a defensive end, one of the highest-paid positions in the NFL. So Chiefs Fans enjoy Mr. Allen this year because it might be the last time we see him in red. What a shame…

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